How bad do you want this?

First I want to give some thanks to a dear friend of mine, David Jankowski. He has helped me gather videos from youtube  to help me  motivate all of you. David and I both ran together for Oklahoma State. He his currently training for a race up in Manchester in 3 weeks. With that said, good luck to you David and all you other runners with races just around the corner.

Those moments before the gun goes, what goes through your mind?

A crowd of spectators and supporters are gathered around the starting line, cheering loudly hoping to give some last-minute motivation to their runners. However, I stand at that starting line waiting for the gun to go off. All I hear is complete silence. I can not hear the crowd, I have tuned them out. All I hear are my thought. “I am here, I have made it” Standing there staring off into the distance where I am about to run, my arms covered with goosebumps. I tell myself one last time. “I will do this, I will win”. The starter calls us all to our marks and the gun goes off within seconds.

The race has started. What is next? What do you do? What are your thoughts?

I have raced for 10 years and I have been through it all. I have fallen, I have been spiked, Lost focused, I have even been stung by a bee. Oh and I have been stupid.

But when the worst happened what did I do?


You literally have half a second to pull yourself back together when something goes wrong. If you wait too long to regroup you can lose your shot. Every moment counts.

It is about giving that tiny bit of extra effort each step that will increase your chances of winning gold, or reaching your goal.

For those of you who know me, Billy Mills has always been my inspiration. While I was in high school preparing for my own State Championships, I watched the last 2 minutes of the 1964 Olympic race every single night before I went to sleep. What I love so much about Mill’s epic race was how he prepared for it. He knew he was going to win months before he even stepped onto the starting line. He had a goal of running a 28:25 for the 10000 meter run. When he crossed that finish line in first place he came through in 28:24. What was so astonishing about this race was that he had never run that fast before. It was 2 minutes faster than his fastest time. To watch a Billy Mills talk about his mental thinking prior to the Olympics click here. Mills wanted it bad enough! He did it!

You’ve got to want it bad enough.

How bad do you want it?

Chris Solinsky is another prime example of someone who wanted it bad enough. No one really expected him to break the American Record in the 10k. However, Solinsky wanted it bad enough. He did it!

Steve Jones, is a marathoner from the 80s. He competed against Alberto Salazar back in Salazar’s prime. The video is of Steve breaking the Marathon World record. He wanted it bad enough. He did it!

Lasse Viren 1972 10000m Olympics

Lasse Viren is one of the top distance runners of all time. However during his olympic race he took a fall. He got up and continued running. Later on in the race he gets tripped, but does not fall down this time. Viren did not let the fall get to him. He picked himself back up and continued on towards his goal of winning. He wanted it bad enough. He did it!

Heather Dorniden was a collegiate runner from the University of Minnesota. During her indoor Big 10 Championships final in the 600 meter race, misfortune took place with 200 meters to go. However, she did not let the mishap affect her mentally. She wanted it bad enough. She did it!

It should never matter what happens out on the course or track. If you truly want to reach your goal, it is possible.

How bad do you want it?


Boys 1A Predictions. Who do you think will win STATE?

Based upon how I averaged these runners’ times throughout the year, the rankings are listed below.

Tyler Rush        Linn

Spencer Hudson    West Platte

Thomas Chabrecek  Crane

Dakota Shoemaker  Humansville

Chandler Harker   Vienna

Seth Brown        La Plata

Ethan Seyer       Oak Ridge

I believe anything can happen when race day comes. We just have to wait and see what happens. Rush is the favorite and has been all year long, however, my gut tells me let’s not count on him as the winner yet.


Boys 3A Predictions. Who do you think will win STATE?

When I averaged the 5K times posted from momilesplit. The rankings I developed are listed below.

Andrew Gordon                               SR Kirksville 16:52

Andrew Moore                 JR Ste. Geneviene 16:23

Ty Hughes                           JR Liberty North 16:31

Amos Bartelsmeyer        SR MICDS 16:35

Christian Hunter               SR Festus 16:47

Tristan Hensley                 JR Osage 16:52

Kirk Smith                            SR John Burroughs 16:43

Caleb Littlefield                 SR McDonald County 16:59

Tyler Uhrich                        SR St. Geneviene 16:52

Kain Ellis                               SR Benton 16:44

Mathew Garrett               SR Clayton 16:45

However, I believe the race for gold will be between Andrew Gordon, Andrew Moore, Ty Hughes, Amos Bartelsmeyer, Kirk Smith, and Tristan Hensley.  Whoever is the most intelligent racer will win!

What are your predictions?

Districts:The results are in!

Both runners ran great races!

It was super cold yesterday morning. I believe it was in the mid-thirties. We have been lucky lately with some really nice warm weather. Yesterday’s weather was nice just colder than what we have been use too. However these boys were not going to let colder temperatures ruin their day.

Let first review Andrew’s race. I headed over to Moberly Missouri to help support Andrew. Pretty much all year he has been dominating all of his races. Winning most races by nearly a minute. However yesterday was going to be different. Andrew was lucky enough to be able to race Tristan Hensley of Osage. Tristan is one of the top guys in the state for 3A. He placed 7th at state last year. The goal was to win, unfortunately Andrew did not win the gold, but he did win the confidence that he can compete with the top dogs, finishing neck and neck with Tristan. As I mentioned earlier Andrew has been dominating all of his races this year however, there were no top runners in these races. Andrew has not had a chance to run against some real competition. I am so excited Andrew was able to run against some competition prior to State next Saturday.  State will consist of the top guys in the state and Andrew will now be ready to compete against them.  Overall I am so proud of Andrews’s accomplishments over this past year. A year ago Andrew finished nearly a full minute behind Tristan at Districts. This year he was actually racing Tristan. And it was a mighty fine race. Andrew is stoked about State and we will be working hard this week mentally and physically to prepare.

Seth ran a little later in the day over in Bowling Green, Missouri. Seth DOMINATED the course. Racing a full minute in front of second place. Who was his high school teammate, way to go Travis! Seth ran the first mile a little faster than he anticipated, but still came through the course on top. Seth has been winning all of his races this year. With State just around the corner, we are all eager to see how well he races against some top guys in the state. Seth is only a sophomore and will be racing against Tyler Rush, Thomas Chabrecek, and Spencer Hudson, who are all seniors. All 3 men also dominated their district meets as well. Seth has improved so much on both the physical and mental aspects of racing. Racing is one of the hardest activities to do.  I believe practices are much easier. As runners our minds have to be so focused and tuned when we are racing. If we let one bad thought creep into our heads, our race could potentially be over.  Seth has made great strides in this department. His mind is getting more focused on his goals as the end comes near.

Districts was a great success. Both boys ran super! Bringing home gold and silver, I could not ask for more. When I look back to this summer I am elated with all the success these boys have had this far. We will continue to stay relaxed and focused as our big races approach!


Shout Out To Some Great Runner Friends!!

In my running career I have had the privilege of racing and training with some of the world’s top distance runners. I want to throw a little shout out to some of my friends and family who have been racing really well over the past several months.

First there is the one and only Leonel Manzano. Leo won the silver medal in the 1500 meter run at the 2012 Olympic Games this past summer. I grew up with Leo  the opportunity to run and train with him in the beginning of his career.

Secondly there is Mary Davies. She recently won the Toronto Marathon. Mary and I were part of Oklahoma State University’s Cross Country and track team. I will always remember going out to the dirt roads just about every Sunday for our long run with Mary. She is literally a gazelle and such an amazing distance runner. I am honored to have trained with her. GREAT JOB MARY ON YOUR RECENT WIN!

Next there is one of my best friends. Tone Ilstad Hjalmarsen of Norway. Her and I were roommates in college and ran together many times. She is about to run her first marathon this weekend. The BMW Frankfurt Marathon. I am so excited for her and looking forward to a stellar performance. With a new PR in the half marathon earlier this year I am guessing this race will be worth watching. GOOD LUCK TONE!!!

Finally there is my Dad, He is a great runner. He recently won the Monster Marathon in Dover, Delaware in a time of 2:49:23. It was his 3rd marathon of the year and such a great performance. I am excited to see how well he does in 2013. Hopefully he will continue to do fabulous.


Do you have what it takes? To be a District Champion? To be a STATE CHAMPION?

Two weeks till the Missouri State Championships.  As a coach, I am probably more nervous than when I was the athlete. Once that gun goes off it is up to you, the runner. I better just hope I did my job well enough to prepare you!

I will never forget the morning of November 9, 2002. It was the morning before my 2nd attempt to become the Texas 4A State Champion. It was the goal I had my eyes on all season long. It was the goal I was about to smash. I had every ounce of energy devoted to this race. And I was going to come out of the race the Champion. I DID!

So you may ask how did I do it. How did I focus so intently on this goal? I will tell you it was not easy, but when you want something bad enough you can get it.

So let me ask you, DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Are you willing to put it all out there?

The Answer is YES!!! You have worked so hard all season long, all summer long. What we do these next 10 days will just help you build confidence in your ability. Rest is important. And fine tuning your mind is the most important thing you can do right now.

The video I watched over and over again every single night was of Billy Mills and his 1964 Olympic race. Billy had what it takes. He was able to focus so intently on something. In the end he took home the gold! Just remember it is a 3 mile race. It will be less than 15 minutes of intense focus. You have the ability to focus for 15 minutes. You can reach your goal. DO NOT GIVE UP. Billy Mills could have just taken 3rd. But 3rd was not good enough for him. He wanted the gold. HE GOT THE GOLD!

GOOD LUCK ANDREW AND SETH!! Have a great practice today. It is the last hard effort till Districts on Saturday. You’ve got this. Just do not lose sight of your goals for this season.  We are almost there!

Running in Moberly

Today Andrew, Seth, and I headed down to Moberly. Since 2 of the biggest races of the year are just around the corner we decided to have some fun.

Both runners have been working exceptionally hard this fall and deserved a reward. Our run in Moberly was definitely a change of scenery and it was totally worthwhile. We all had some fun running through new and exciting trails. The boys did a fartleck, which was fun yet productive.

These last few weeks are very important. It is important to rest up and prepare for State. As well as get in those last few workouts to fine tune the lungs and legs!!

The week ahead looks like just one more hard effort until DISTRICTS!!!

Way to go SETH!!

Great job yesterday Seth!!

Seth ran in the Bowling Green invitational. He pushed through the cold, rainy, windy course to bring home the gold! For complete results click here.

Both Seth and Andrew will be racing at their district cross-country meets a week from today. Seth will head back to Bowling green and Andrew will be in Moberly.

As the season is headed to the end it is important to rest up and do some fine tuning to prepare for the next couple races. Keep your eyes on your goals and DO NOT GIVE UP!! We are almost there!!!

Andrew in the News

Today Andrew and I met for practice.

The workout: 6×600 meters with 90 seconds for recovery.

The Goal: Wanted the pace of each 600 to range between 1:51 and 1:55.  He wanted to run faster than race pace. We do not run faster than race pace often but when we do we really want to reach the goal times. This would put Andrew at roughly a 15:25 pace. His fastest time this year has been 15:48.

The weather: It was very chilly this morning. Low to mid 40s. and there was a slight wind along th eback stretch of the track.

Andrew’s times: 1:49, 1:51, 1:51, 1:53, 1:51, 1:49

Overall it was a great workout. He even ran faster than the last time we did this workout.

Do not forget to Check Andrew out in the News.

Hello Team!

YEAH!!! It is official. We have ourselves a team website. Our uniforms will be ready in about 1 week. They are going to look amazing!! All of your training will be found under the “Training” section of the website. I will be updating it every couple of days. So be sure to check on a regular basis. I will also be posting some fun blogs.  Topics I will post will discuss nutrition, training, strategies and updates.  I may ask you about these posts on occasion at practice to make sure you are checking the site.

Untill then have a great RUN today!! Stay dry!