Districts:The results are in!

Both runners ran great races!

It was super cold yesterday morning. I believe it was in the mid-thirties. We have been lucky lately with some really nice warm weather. Yesterday’s weather was nice just colder than what we have been use too. However these boys were not going to let colder temperatures ruin their day.

Let first review Andrew’s race. I headed over to Moberly Missouri to help support Andrew. Pretty much all year he has been dominating all of his races. Winning most races by nearly a minute. However yesterday was going to be different. Andrew was lucky enough to be able to race Tristan Hensley of Osage. Tristan is one of the top guys in the state for 3A. He placed 7th at state last year. The goal was to win, unfortunately Andrew did not win the gold, but he did win the confidence that he can compete with the top dogs, finishing neck and neck with Tristan. As I mentioned earlier Andrew has been dominating all of his races this year however, there were no top runners in these races. Andrew has not had a chance to run against some real competition. I am so excited Andrew was able to run against some competition prior to State next Saturday.  State will consist of the top guys in the state and Andrew will now be ready to compete against them.  Overall I am so proud of Andrews’s accomplishments over this past year. A year ago Andrew finished nearly a full minute behind Tristan at Districts. This year he was actually racing Tristan. And it was a mighty fine race. Andrew is stoked about State and we will be working hard this week mentally and physically to prepare.

Seth ran a little later in the day over in Bowling Green, Missouri. Seth DOMINATED the course. Racing a full minute in front of second place. Who was his high school teammate, way to go Travis! Seth ran the first mile a little faster than he anticipated, but still came through the course on top. Seth has been winning all of his races this year. With State just around the corner, we are all eager to see how well he races against some top guys in the state. Seth is only a sophomore and will be racing against Tyler Rush, Thomas Chabrecek, and Spencer Hudson, who are all seniors. All 3 men also dominated their district meets as well. Seth has improved so much on both the physical and mental aspects of racing. Racing is one of the hardest activities to do.  I believe practices are much easier. As runners our minds have to be so focused and tuned when we are racing. If we let one bad thought creep into our heads, our race could potentially be over.  Seth has made great strides in this department. His mind is getting more focused on his goals as the end comes near.

Districts was a great success. Both boys ran super! Bringing home gold and silver, I could not ask for more. When I look back to this summer I am elated with all the success these boys have had this far. We will continue to stay relaxed and focused as our big races approach!



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