Boys 3A Predictions. Who do you think will win STATE?

When I averaged the 5K times posted from momilesplit. The rankings I developed are listed below.

Andrew Gordon                               SR Kirksville 16:52

Andrew Moore                 JR Ste. Geneviene 16:23

Ty Hughes                           JR Liberty North 16:31

Amos Bartelsmeyer        SR MICDS 16:35

Christian Hunter               SR Festus 16:47

Tristan Hensley                 JR Osage 16:52

Kirk Smith                            SR John Burroughs 16:43

Caleb Littlefield                 SR McDonald County 16:59

Tyler Uhrich                        SR St. Geneviene 16:52

Kain Ellis                               SR Benton 16:44

Mathew Garrett               SR Clayton 16:45

However, I believe the race for gold will be between Andrew Gordon, Andrew Moore, Ty Hughes, Amos Bartelsmeyer, Kirk Smith, and Tristan Hensley.  Whoever is the most intelligent racer will win!

What are your predictions?


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