No Time to Take it Easy

With the State Championships out-of-the-way, we get to relax a little. At least for a day or two that is. Footlocker is just around the corner. Just over 2 weeks away. Which means just enough time to get in some last-minute training. We are still in full gear. After Footlocker there will be time for the much deserved break.

I loved my experiences at the South Footlocker Regional Championships. Although my experiences were not ideal they were a opportunity of a life time. I was sick with the flu during my first attempt and diagnosed with potassium deficiency my senior year. Going into these races I knew I was not 100% healthy. However, I loved racing. I loved having the opportunity to compete against some of the best runners. Footlocker will be FUN!

This is your last shot to run the race of your season.  What I am saying is NO ONE else matters. It is about you going out there and running your best race. The weather may not be ideal. There may even be snow on the ground. Therefore, I am not expecting fast times. I am expecting you to be smart. It looks like the course will be hilly. Similar to State. Lucky for you!!! You already know how to run on hills.

The workouts we will be running over the next few weeks will not be overly difficult. However, next week I do expect 2 hard effort runs. I have given you an easy week, but tomorrow will be a workout. I want you to work hard. Please keep me posted on how you are feeling.



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