Nike Cross and Practice

Yea ANDREW!!! Nike Cross Nationals is less than 24 hours away.

Andrew will be representing our club team up in Indiana tomorrow. I am so excited for him. It will be a great race. He is ready for this. Andrew has relaxed  a little this week to help regain the strength needed to tackle the course. Stay tuned for results tomorrow!

Seth had a great workout today. It was a little windy and warmer than normal but a great effort. With 2 weeks till Footlocker training is still in high gear.

If you need a little extra motivation for Nike and practices this week take a look at The Big Mazungo. It is a very interesting documentary about Craig Mottram. He is an Australian who specializes in the 5000 meter. I find it interesting to hear how he thinks when it comes to racing.  My favorite the he says is said in the first 5 minutes! He says you have to be “desperate”. Are you desperate to be good at this sport? The season is almost done. 2 weeks to go. At Nike and in practices be desperate. This not only applies to running but to life in general.  Being desperate will make you work harder. You need to be willing to give it all you have got to accomplish your goals. Be desperate to be the best you can be. Be motivated to be the best you can be. YOU can reach your goals.

One other statement Mottram says, is that he feels most comfortable standing on the starting line with the best in the world. He loves knowing he is good enough and has worked hard enough to be out there. These next few races are with the top runners in the Midwest region of the United States. When you are standing on the starting line, feel comfortable out there. It can be a tad intimidating. Just know you deserve to be out there. YOU have worked hard enough to have these opportunities.


What did you learn from his video? Leave a comment below.


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