NXN Midwest Region

Check out the NXN results!!!

This is the largest field of racer and most competitive race Andrew has ever had the opportunity to compete. With roughly 350 runner Andrew managed to place 187th in a time of 16:59. Andrew ran a fabulous race. He really gave us a race to watch. We are all very proud of him.

One unique aspect of NXN is they place hay bales around the course for obstacles.  Andrew was racing with the top guys from Missouri the entire way. With 800 meters left with a pack of runners surrounding Andrew he did not see the hay bales. unfortunately this cause him to fall and do a few somersaults in the processes of getting back up to race. At this point runners were stomping all over Andrew. He managed to get up and fight through the finish. I would suggest if it were not for  the fall he would have finished a good 30 seconds faster.

I am most proud of Andrew’s determined mind. He was not going to let the fall stop him from finishing a great race. I must say, if Andrew has this much fight left in him at Footlocker he will really show us what he is capable of.

GREAT JOB and KEEP WORKING HARD. We are almost there!!!!


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