Purpose of the Workout

Every workout we do has a underlining purpose. Today for example, was for you to FEEL the race pace. If you did the workout correctly, you should have felt as if you were on cruise control. Just gliding along the track effortlessly. Since this workout felt easy you could have also focused on your running form, making sure little extra movement was wasted on arm and head twitches.

While completing the workout, both runners mentioned that they had to concentrate on what they were doing. I am so glad this was mentioned. In a race you have to be able to strategize. Once the gun goes off, as the coach, I have no control over what happens. It is all up to you! This workout was perfect practice for dipping into your deep concentration to make sure you stayed on pace and focused on what that pace felt like.

Throughout the workout Andrew and Seth looked very controlled. It was a successful workout, hitting each interval within the ranges provided.

One week till Footlocker. Keep those positive thoughts flowing.

Our next and last “hard” effort workout will be either Tuesday or Wednesday.


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