History of Footlocker

3 days till Footlocker.

Originally known as the Kinney Cross Country Championships (1979,) was established to determine the national elite high school cross-country runners. In 1993 the races name was changed to what is now refered to as the Footlocker Cross Country Championships.  To this day, these races are the longest running national competition for high school athletes.

The US is divided into 4 regions, The Northeast, Midwest, South, and West. The regional races typically take place at the end of November, (Thanksgiving weekend). The top 10 finishers from each division are invited to the National Championships. 40 runners in both male and female divisions race 5 kilometers  for the national title. The National Championships are usually held in California, although a few times the race was conducted in Florida.

Footlocker is a very prestigious race. Over the past 32 years 11 of the Footlocker National Champions have gone on to win NCAA Championships.  Therefore it is an experience of a life time to compete against some of the top runners in the country. I am fairly confident that several of the runners who attend Footlocker have also competed for the United State at the Olympic Games.

With 3 days to go I am so excited to watch Seth and Andrew run one more great race!!! Good Luck and be Thankful for this opportunity!!



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