1. What is your Favorite Movie?

Without Limits (Thanks Anissa)DSCF1125

2. Do you have a favorite workout or pre-race tune to get you pumped up?

Before races I try to listen to music that calms me down because if you know me I am a nervous wreck before meets.

3. What Running Shoe do you wear?

Brooks Ravenna 3

4. What is your favorite workout of all time?

I’m still in search for that workout that really pops out to me but one I normally run well is 600m repeats on the track.

5. What is your Favorite Pre Race food?

I am the wrong person to ask about pre-race meals considering I get sick after every race, but eggs usually stay down the best.

6. What is you all-time favorite food?


7. What is your favorite event?

3200m because I’ve had the most success in it, but the 1600m comes in a close second.

8. What do you do for fun?

Hang out with friends, play sports, and go for easy runs.

9. Who or what inspires you to keep running?

My dad who passed away when I was little inspires me. Most people use those types of things for excuses. I think it is just another reason to go harder.

10. How do you stay motivated?

The thought of how easy it would be to quit, and people telling me I can’t do something. Especially because I go to a small school.

11. What is your greatest running related accomplishment?

Placing 2nd in state track for the 3200m my freshmen year.

12. What is your opinion on  the importance of recovery days?

If I didn’t have a recovery day I probably wouldn’t have any legs! So extremely important.

13. What is your best memory?

I have so many good memories but one that really sticks out to me was right after I got my medal in state for the 3200, Blake Goodin shook my hand and told me I will do big things. (He now runs for K-State and broke the medal count record for class 1).

14. How has your training changed throughout the past few years?

It has changed 100% for the better. I was clueless my freshman year.

15. What was your highest mileage in high school?

Low to mid 50’s a week

16. What do you think is the most important aspect of training?

Teaching yourself to have the right mindset. I believe running is 70% mental.

17. What is an example of a workout you would do before a major race?

400m repeats on the track early that week.

18. What is your typical day like?

Wake up around 5:30, get my run in, come home and get ready for school, wait for school to get over, go to basketball practice, come home, EAT.

19. What is next in line for you, where are you headed?

Just trying to be the best I can be. The ultimate goal is to run for a well-known division 1 school in college, but until then just doing everything Anissa tells me!

20. Do you have any words of wisdom for up and coming runners?

I’m an up and coming runner myself so I’m always looking for words of wisdom. But the best advice I’ve got is to believe that you can do anything, and you will do everything. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”


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