Tempo runs are in fact bittersweet

Tempo runs can be defined as a fast sustained pace for a prolonged period of time or miles. A runner would typically incorporate a tempo style of run once a foundation of miles has been laid. Even to this day when I think about tempo run, I get Goosebumps. It means time is near. They are the first intense runs someone would do does prior to the competitive racing season. You will do tempo after tempo… after tempo. There will be weeks of never ending tempo runs. When the day comes to do another tempo you will cringe thinking “didn’t I just do one of these”? There will be days were you just do not want to do another tempo run. You will get frustrated. Some days you will even feel as if you were in slow motion. But then you will have one tempo run where you literally felt as if you were flying. As if you were a tiny particle floating through space. You will feel effortless. That one run will make all the others worth it. When it comes time for track season all of your hard work will pay off. Tempo run are in fact bittersweet. You will hate them, yet love them all at the same time. Just keep in mind, you will not reach your track goals if you skip these runs. Do not loose site of your goals and all the little things you have to do to accomplish them.quote
Moving on to our first tempo of the season, Andrew and Seth had a stellar performance. I was not present for Seth’s tempo, however according to him, it went wonderfully. He tackled the snowy track and still managed to run a faster time than I projected. He did it all alone too! Big Applause goes to you Seth!!
On the other hand, Andrew and I debated for a while on where to run his tempo. My biggest fear was Andrew slipping on an icy patch on the track busting his tailbone. After driving around half of Kirksville, Andrew ended up running around the high school, which is a 1.8 mile paved walking/running path. Both of us forgot out GPS watches, so we estimated on the 4 mile mark. Andrews run was also a success for the first one of the season. GREAT run ANDREW!
As their coach I was thrilled to see how both runners preformed. Especially since training has had a bit or a rocky patch, unable to run outside due to the wintery wonderland.
One down, and how many to go…?


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