What’s for Lunch?

salad and fish What did you have for lunch today?  For me, I had a cilantro Spiced Tilapia Fillet, Rice Chips and a Salad. My secret ingredient … Dried Cherries … I have been topping most of my salads with either dried cherries or blueberries.  I must say it makes all the difference.

I want to talk about the importance of lunch time. Breakfast is typically viewed as the most important meal of the day, don’t get me wrong, it is very important. However, many people tend to overlook lunch. People believe that if they had a great breakfast that they can use lunch as free ticket to eat whatever is readily available. For some running into McDonald’s for a double cheese burger is on the menu. Others may prefer a 6 inch subway sandwich with chips and a drink. Whatever is in your brown bag special, remember to make it a healthy option. Lunch is not a free ticket to eat candy bars out of the vending machine or to engorged yourself with a plate full of fries. You still have to eat a well-rounded meal.  With practice just 3 hours away, you do not want to feel bloated or nauseous due to a greasy unsatisfying lunch. WIth this being said, I have provided a view pointers when it comes to LUNCH TIME.


1. Pack left overs. Most people consume fairly healthy dinners. Chicken, brocoli, and rice make a nice lunch. I like to call lunches like these, mini dinners.

2. People are afraid to bring their lunches to school and work because they have no place to store them. Buy an insulate lunch box. Problem solved.

3. Healthy Lunchables.  Typically Lunchables are not very healthy. However, I do love the convenience of them, So we have 2 choices here. Make your own lunchable. Pack your own cheese, crackers, and lunch meat, or  check out these new healthy lunchables, gopicnic.

4. Sandwiches can get very boring. Try spicing up the sandwich. Use variations of breads. Make wraps using lettuce, pita bread, or tortillas. Do not stick to turkey and swiss. Spice it up … ham, tuna, salmon, humus and veggie. The possibilites are endless.

5. Couscous or quinoa salads. These are my favorite. Mix diced chicken, feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, olives, and a splash of dressing with the quinoa or couscous and you’ve got a nice filling salad full of protein and whole grains.

6. SOUP. I love vegetable based soups. Typically low in fat, and high in vitamins and minerals. Add a slice of whole grain bread or crackers and you have a nice lunch.

7. If you are in a pickle and the only option is to go out to eat, try to choose a healthy option. My all time favorite fast food meal is Wendy’s Chili, just skip the frosty.


  1. I disagree with the comment above. There are many options out there now for a healthy fast food. For instance I like to grab salads from drive thrus when I’m on the go. I toss the dressing and the croutons and squeeze a lemon on top. Fat free, and full of goodness! I can and do get more creative than that but I won’t bore you….PS, I love Wendy’s chili too.

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