Winter Gear

We are in the heart of winter. January always brings the coldest runs. Yesterday, Maria and I went out for her very first tempo run. It was such an awesome experience running in 8 degree temperatures. Unfortunately we were not blessed with the best of weather. The wind was around 15 mph with gusts up to 25mph, making it feel as if it was -8 degrees. BURRRRRR!!!!

For Maria’s first tempo run, I am very impressed. Like most things in life, you just have to experience it first hand to really know what it is all about. I have juggled with different ideas on how to effectively teach a runner to run a tempo properly.  In previous posts I have discussed how a tempo should be run. Yesterday Maria and I ran a 2 loop tempo which turned out to be 3.5 miles. A little longer than I wanted for her first attempt, however, she ran very well. The goal was to average between 6:50 and 7:00 minute miles. We ended up coming through averaging 7:02 for a total time of 24:32. Great Job Maria!! You will only get better. I am so excited to see how she runs this tempo in a few weeks. Once she has a few tempos under her belt and warmer weather she will soar.

Today, Andrew and I will be headed out for his tempo. The weather will still be fidget but the wind will be mild. Running workouts in these temperatures can be daunting. My advice is to dress accordingly. Rumor has it that you should dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer. Once you get running and the blood gets circulating you do warm up fast.  According to yesterday we needed to dress for 28 degree weather once we added on 20 degrees to the 8 degrees forecasted.  28 degrees sounds much warmer, but it is still freezing cold.  I am no expert when it comes to running in temperatures like these; however, I have my top 3 clothing suggestions to help these runs seem warmer than they actually are.

1. My favorite running tights are the Insulator Expert Tights by CW-X. Not only are these tights warm they also have built in support. THis particular pair has optimal support around the knee and the surronding muscle.

2. Nike makes a Dry Fit Wool running top which makes a great base layer. I will typically wear something similar to this top with a jacket over for extra warmth.

3. GLOVES….. To me gloves are the most important part of cold weather running. My  secret is to pick a mitt over a glove. In my opinion a mitten keeps your hands much warmer. Saucony currently has a great Ulti-Mitt on the market. Go grab a pair before they are sold out!

Does you have any cold weather gear that you can not live with out? Tell me.

And dont forget to STAY WARM!!


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