Records breaking left and right… You can make it happen.

Indoor season is in high gear across the US. This weekend will go down as a fast one. To start things off, my former college, Oklahoma State to their team to Arkansas where Coach Smith had 4 of his runners run under 4 minutes in the mile.  Not many college teams have that kind of depth.  I guess anything is possible.  Next we can head over towards the east coat where there were several stellar performances. Mary Cain who is probably the top high school girl miler out there set a new American high school record for the indoor mile, completing the race in a time of 4:32. Chills rush down my spine when i see girls run fast times. It just proves anything is possible. Finally on the professional level, Galen Rupp went out to astonish us all with his attempt to break the american record in the mile. He was just 1 second short of the record, capturing a time of 3:50.92. What was so amazing to watch was Galen’s Finish. He raced the last lap all on his own, pushing himself to his limits. Once again this proves anything is possible.

Michael Jordan once quoted, ” Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

Of course most all runners have goal. We say things to ourselves and our coaches such as…
“I want to break 1o minutes in the 2 mile.”
” I wish I would break 10 minutes in the 2 mile.”
However, very few of us actually say things like…
“I WILL break 10 minutes in the 2 mile.”
How do you set your goals. To you want or wish things will happen? Most of the time we want  to run fast. We even hope and wish we will just wake up one morning and BOOM.. we just magically preform the way we have always dreamed.  In reality wishing and wanting do not get you very far. In order for dreams and goals to come to life you have to plain out make it happen. 
This week do not tell me what you want or hope to do. I want you to show me what you will do! Everything counts. Putting in the right kind of effort matters. Put in a little bit more sweat and tears in some areas, whether it is in practice, school, or wherever… MAKE IT HAPPEN. OSU, Mary, and Galen all made things happen for themselves  Therefore make something happen for you!

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