USA Cross Country Championships Here We Come

A year ago, Andrew and I attended the USA Cross Country Championship race in St. Louis, Missouri. This was his first attempt running in a national competition. This year he will not be running in the high school division, but will be racing with the big guys in the Junior National race. This particular race will be 8 kilometers in length. A little longer than he is use too. However, I have full confidence in Andrews ability to race longer distances. Seth on the other hand will be racing in the high school division. Based upon his past few tempo runs I believe he will be a top contender in his race. Watch out runners!!!!

Not only will there be some of the top high school and college athletes vying for the top titles. This year the Men and Women’s Championship race will be one to watch. Some of the top distance runners of all time will be participating in this race. Due to the Olympics last year the field was sparse, but this year will be full of many inspiring athletes. Deena Kastor and Dathan Ritzenhein are two distance runners who are idolized by many runners will be racing tomorrow. Also, one of my former college buddies will be competing, Good Luck David Jankowski. Many high school runners dream of watching their favorite distance runners compete. It is like meeting a celebrity. I am thrilled that both Andrew and Seth will be able to watch these runners.

Good Luck to all racing tomorrow.  Stay tuned for result postings…



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