TEMPO run: Week 5

Luckily there are not many tempo runs left this season. With track season just around the corner training will change soon. However, we will not be eliminating the tempos all together. Occasionally I will throw in a tempo run for kicks ;).

Lately the runners have been running their tempos on a paved path. This week I decided to switch it up. We headed out to run the tempo on the track. It was a beautiful day for running. The temperatures warmed up a bit. In fact Andrew even ran in shorts and a t-shirt (something we have not been able to do for a while). Since it was a little windy I wanted them to be cautious of their pace. Therefore, they were instructed to take it slow at the beginning.  It is better to finish strong than to start out strong only to die at the end. I was extremely pleased with both runners effort. Their last lap was the fastest! The splits are listed below. Once again Great job yesterday. It will be a great track season.

Looking ahead, the boys will be participating in the Big River High School Indoor Championship series this Saturday. Stay tuned for results! I am expecting some major postings!!!

Andrew Seth
1:26 1:26
1:27 1:27
1:25 1:25
1:23     5:43 1:23     5:43
1:23 1:23
1:22 1:22
1:22 1:22
1:22     5:29 1:22     5:29
1:23 1:23
1:22 1:22
1:21 1:21
1:23     5:29 1:23     5:29
1:23 1:21
1:26 1:22
1:27 1:22
1:23     5:39     22:20 1:18     5:23    22:04

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