Millrose Games and Big River 3200 results!

The Millrose Games were the major event of the weekend for many runners. I love this race because it really is for everyone. Professionals, Collegiate, and High school athletes all come together to race at this highly competitive event.  I was first exposed to this event in 2003 when Nicole Blood dominated the high school girls mile. I believe she was just a freshman when I watched this race. She over took Ari Lambie, who was a senior, and fabulous competitor. Nicole’s time of 4:52.02 earned her the second fastest time in Millrose mile winner history. I will never forget this race. Since then I have been a devoted fan of the Millrose Games.

This year the field was a little unique for the NYRR Women’s Wanamaker Mile event.  Mary Cain, the high schooler from New York was running in the women’s division instead of the high school race. For anyone who watched last year, Mary placed 4th in a time of 4:52.19 racing against the high school girls. This year, racing with the elite’s Mary came in 2nd with a blistering time of 4:28.25. A 24 second difference within one year.  Astonishing!!!

I watched a quick segment of an interview with Mary post race. She was a very insightful young women. There were 2 points she made during this one and a half-minute segment. Both of these quotes spoke loudly to me as a coach.

” As long as you are in it 400 meters to go, you CAN NOT GIVE UP!” (Mary Cain)

I absolutely love this statement. I can not tell you how many times I have seen runners give up with 100, 200, or 300 meters to go. WHY are we giving up after we have just raced for a prolonged period of time? The last 400 meters is going to be the most gut wrenching. However, if you are with the leaders or with the pack, do not lose it the last 400 meters. You have worked this hard, so do not give up! Anything can happen. You CAN NOT GIVE UP!

The second point Mary made during her interview was this…

” It is not about time or place, it is about competing well.” (Mary Cain)

Once again, another impressive statement. coming from such a young runner. As runners we are very hard on ourselves. We want to be perfect. In a perfect world we would set PR’s at every race. But lets face it. This is not a perfect world. Realistically we will not set PR’s at every race. Mary did run a new PR, however she did not win the race. She could have been very upset with her performance for not winning. At the end the day, Mary knows she raced competitively. She competed and ran the best race she could have run regardless of time and place.  Most people want it all. In fact many are not satisfied unless they get the first place trophy and the PR. Yes, it is nice to have it all, but in the end, a job well done is more important. Knowing that you did your very best is more satisfying.

Did you give it all you had during the last 400 meters?

On another note, I will be short and sweet with the results from the indoor race Andrew and Seth ran this weekend. It was the final championships for the Big River High School Indoor Track Series. Both runners qualified for the final and raced the 3200 meter event. Seth came in 5th place with a time of 10:06 followed by Andrew in 7th place with a time of 10:11. It was a great effort by both runners.  Training has switched gears a little and new PR’s and great races are on the horizon for these boys!


2 thoughts on “Millrose Games and Big River 3200 results!

  1. dang i WISH i could have watched that meet in person!! that little mary is a studdette! 🙂

    great job to seth and andrew, qualified and kicked butt in the race! i have to say, i am a track nerd and always got excited to switch over from XC to the track…let the pr’s roll in! 🙂

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