Track Meet and Practice: March 28, 2013

To start of the day, Maria and I met up to run some intervals. It was really fun to be on the track again. Maria surprised me with some speed. I had a difficult time keeping up with her which made the workout fun! The wind was pretty intense along the back stretch, but Maria toughed it out. After a workout like this the day was looking positive. Later that afternoon we had the Kirksville Relays to look forward to. running pictures 003

After a grueling winter, it was finally time to race. Seth was participating in 3 events.  In Texas, the running events are scheduled much differently. I am use to the 3200 meter run being the first event. After several hours the 1600 meter run takes place. In Missouri, the 1600 is in the middle of the meet, followed, but the 800, and then 3200. There are about 2 different race in between each of Seth’s races. overall between the 1600 and 3200, he only had about an hour rest. You have to keep in mind he did race the 800 too. With all that being said, Seth was so impressive. He did not let the lack of recovery interfere with his racing ability. He has been training appropriately in order to handle such a quick turn over.

running pictures 001

First, I want to take a look back at last years results. I love to compare improvement. A year ago, Seth race the 1600 in a time of 4:53, followed by the 3200 in 10:54.  This year Seth ran 4:43, 2:10, and 10:28. He raced more events as well as much faster times. For the first race of the season, the outlook seems to be bright. With a few more races under his belt, he will develop the racing mindset. Once he has that mindset, I expect his times to soar. A great start to a great year. KEEP IT UP!


March Updates

Impatience is among us.


We keep asking ourselves this question. With another 2-4 inches of snow in the forecast this past Sunday our outlook was not looking sunny! However, this week there are suppose to be track meets. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the season will actually get underway. Seth and Maria have been training very well over the past few weeks and are ready to show us there speed!

March 16:

SethSeth had a fun mile interval workout. The weather was fairly bearable, just a strong head wind along the back stretch.  Over all, I was extremely impressed with his effort. I have said it before, training can get very monotonous. Seth is doing a great job keeping his head up and his eye on the prize. Patience will get you far in this sport. You have to never loose sight of the end. It may take a lot to get there, but when the STATE meet finally arrives Seth knows it will all be worth it.


Maria also had a fun workout fighting the windy track. Her 800 meter repeats were ran differently than she

 is use to. Which is not a bad thing by an means. Her workout gave her confidence in her ability. Without racing, some times we become clu

eless of our ability and start doubting ourselves. This workout just proved that when the race comes, she will be more than ready!

March 17:

Well, I finally decided to race. YES, there was a race on St. Patrick’s Day! I participated in our towns local 5k. Being from the south, I am not use to cold winters. I have only been running on a treadmill for most of the past few months. I did well and am very pleased with my own efforts. 18:31 is not too shabby.

photoMarch 23:

Seth had another fun workout. It was very different than anything he had done before. he even told me he liked regular repeats better than this new invigorating track session. for some reason, every time we meet, the weather is not in our favor. through the cold and windy temperature Seth has really toughed out some great workouts. We are both looking forward to Thursday where he will FINALLY get to race on a track and have a chance to race.  The forecast show temperatures to be in the mid 50’s :). Look out, Here comes Seth… Ready to RACE!

Overcoming Disappointment

Training is scary. Regardless of what you are training or working towards, it is all nerve-wracking.  We put a un Godly amount of pressure upon ourselves. At times these pressures are so overbearing, leaving us with devastating outcomes. I want to touch base with disappointment and failing, because we tend to give ourselves expectations at times which only cripple our abilities. Track season has pretty much started, many have started training more vigorously. Track sessions and intervals have begun. Runners love to run, whether it is a long easy run, tempo, or hill session, we just love running. In any form or fashion. However, when it comes time for track season and we finally get to step onto the track, all we see is fireworks.  We are lighting up with excitement to get our legs rolling on  the track.

The first few track workouts are usually pretty decent. There is so much adrenaline fueling throughout our muscle we can barely hold in our excitement to be running on our battlefields. Then reality sinks in and a major snow storm which leave the tracks covered in 3 feet of snow inhibiting us from running on the track. Our once eager hearts are devastated making it easy to lose focus. Whether it is a bad workout, a snow storm, or an injury we beat ourselves up over failure. Many of us focus so much on the negative aspects, celebrating our failure over success. More emphasis is applied to our failures. No wonder so many of us are unsuccessful. ultimately we put too much time it to what we are doing wrong.

Hitting splits in training is ideal. However, there are days where either you just don’t have it or the elements got in your way.  I use to be notorious for beating myself up over a bad workout. But all that got me doing was doubting my ability. We have heard it a million times. Running is 10% physical and 90% mental. By focusing on how poorly a workout was all you are doing is sulking in a pool full of your own tears. It is important to understand how every disappointment or bad workout is just a test. It is a test of HOW TOUGH YOU ARE…. HOW MUCH CAN YOU HANDLE? The message to take away from today is to learn from disappointment.  Not to get caught up it failures and disappointments but raising above them. You are still strong. You still belong here!

The greatest glory in living lies not in never-failing but in rising every time we fall”- Nelson Mandela

Seth’s Splits:




800- 2:19

1600- 5:19


600- 1:51

400- 74

200- 37


Running logs and diaries are a pertinent companion to all runners. I have countless logs, calendars, and notebooks…even scraps of paper jotted with training details pour out of the spiraled training logs. I reminisce through all of my logs on a regular basis. I not only love flashing back to many of the crazy intense workouts, but also finding loopholes when it comes to my own training.

I hope all of you have your own form of running log. You can record your runs in many forms. You can keep it simple by tracking only your daily miles or you can treat your running log as if it were a personal diary, including various details of how you felt, paces you ran and so forth. To reap the greatest benefit with training logs I will encourage you all to be as detailed as possible. Yes!! It does take more time to actually record details of your runs.  However, in this sport most runners take great pride in their ability to run. Physically seeing progress is motivating. If we record our runs thoroughly when the time comes to pin point what exactly could have caused an injury, a detailed log can help. On a more positive note, a well written running log helps you to determine which workouts are most beneficial to your goals. You will find how there are certain workouts which you always run well regardless of how many elements were fighting against you. Knowing these types of details will help you pursue your running endeavors. I encourage all of you to go out and buy or gather up an old notebook and start recording your miles.  One bit of advice to walk away with is to record one POSITIVE aspect of each day. Whether it was how the weather was perfect, or your legs just felt fresh… Try to always end with a POSITIVE comment. Dwelling on the negatives only inhibit you… but we will get to that another day.


  1. How detailed is your running log?