Running logs and diaries are a pertinent companion to all runners. I have countless logs, calendars, and notebooks…even scraps of paper jotted with training details pour out of the spiraled training logs. I reminisce through all of my logs on a regular basis. I not only love flashing back to many of the crazy intense workouts, but also finding loopholes when it comes to my own training.

I hope all of you have your own form of running log. You can record your runs in many forms. You can keep it simple by tracking only your daily miles or you can treat your running log as if it were a personal diary, including various details of how you felt, paces you ran and so forth. To reap the greatest benefit with training logs I will encourage you all to be as detailed as possible. Yes!! It does take more time to actually record details of your runs.  However, in this sport most runners take great pride in their ability to run. Physically seeing progress is motivating. If we record our runs thoroughly when the time comes to pin point what exactly could have caused an injury, a detailed log can help. On a more positive note, a well written running log helps you to determine which workouts are most beneficial to your goals. You will find how there are certain workouts which you always run well regardless of how many elements were fighting against you. Knowing these types of details will help you pursue your running endeavors. I encourage all of you to go out and buy or gather up an old notebook and start recording your miles.  One bit of advice to walk away with is to record one POSITIVE aspect of each day. Whether it was how the weather was perfect, or your legs just felt fresh… Try to always end with a POSITIVE comment. Dwelling on the negatives only inhibit you… but we will get to that another day.


  1. How detailed is your running log?

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