The 3200 meter!

Races are in full throttle. On the agenda this weekend, we have Seth and Andrew competing tonight in the Kirksville Relays. Then tomorrow afternoon Maria will head to Harrisburg to race against some competition. After a slow start to the season the runners are finally making up for lost ground.

I have decided to make a chart to compare last years races to this years races. I believe many have lots motivation do to the slow start to the season. I figured by comparing last year races to this year, runners will notice that they are right where they need to be. Improvements have been made and they will continue to be made. I will post this chart at the end of season once all results have been compiled.

The 3200 meter race is my favorite. Most spectators find it long and boring. Young runners circling the track over and over again becomes monotonous, especially when there is really no competition to watch.  However, there is more to this race. The most important aspect is keeping focused. It is easy to focus for 15 second, it is even easy to stay focused for 4 or 5 minutes. To have pure uninterrupted focus for 9 to 10 minutes is difficult. Only the trained mind can tackle this feat. Luckily for me, I have been there and raced this distance before. I can relate to those who are competing in this event.  My biggest advice is to train your mind. If you have a long bus ride to your track meet. Sit quietly and visualize your race. Training your mind to focus so intently for a prolonged period of time takes practice. We practice every day to run faster. We run intervals to  increase speed and we run for miles to develop our endurance capabilities. we even do drills and strength exercises to keep us strong and efficient.  My question for you is … WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR YOUR MIND.

I have told many before, based on my experiences, laps 5 and 6 are the most difficult. Tackling the minutes between 5 and 7 minutes is where the mentally weak get beat. Keep that in mind when racing. All you have to do is surpass 1.5 miles. After that… The race is all down hill from there. I like to picture the last 2 laps as if i am literally running down a hill. You only get faster!

Mental endurance is just as important as all other aspects of training and racing. So don’t loose your focus!


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