Class 1; Section 1 RESULTS

photo (4)“Having fun gives you wings, and then there is no stopping you.” (Torsten Abel)

By the looks of things, Maria and Seth are having the time of their lives.  Both runners attended the Sectionals competition this past weekend.  To move on to the finals runners must place in the top 4. Once you earn your spot, you have the opportunity to head to Jefferson City for the Missouri State Championships, which will be ran this upcoming weekend.

Maria started us off racing in the 4×800 meter event, where her high school team won the event. Salisbury’s 4×800 team are the leaders going into the final event.  A few hours after Maria helped her team qualify for the State championships she raced her own individual events, the 1600 and 3200 meter runs. She finished both races with season best times (5:44, 12:28) as well as earning her spot to compete this weekend. Maria is on track to peak just in time for State.  Based upon sectionals performance she is ranked 5th in the 1600 and 4th in the 3200 meter event. One thing to keep in mind is that on race day anything can happen. Looking at the results and the other runner’s times both races will be worth watching. Whoever truly believes deep down within their guts will win. Matt Fitzgerald quotes in his book, RUN, ” Every athlete on the starting line of the women’s 1500 m final of the Olympic Games believes she can win the gold metal in the sense of wanting to believe it– willing it. But only a few of them believe it in their bodies; only a few believe it in the sense of being confident it can happen.” If Maria truly wants it bad enough and believes in her ability more than any other girl on the starting line, I know she has a shot at capturing the GOLD.

Seth never ceases to amaze me. He is constantly running remarkable races. From what I was told, the 1600 meter race was very intense. The last 400 meters was a full sprint between Seth and his competitor. Seth inched him out crossing the finish line with a new personal best, 4:33. When I heard his time goosebumps overwhelmed me. Personal bests at the end of the season are exactly what we want. You need to be at your prime. Without a doubt I believe in Seth’s ability as a runner. He turned around shortly after his new PR to run a 3200 meter race practically by him self racing in a time of 10:17. Seth won both his events at Sectionals and is leading the field heading into State. I am not saying the race this weekend will be easy, because it won’t be. However, he knows what he is capable of doing, he just has to do it. Seth loves running and loves this sport. Someone with such great passion for the sport can not be beat!

With the last race starring us down, I have no worries.  Both runners have done all the work leading them up to Friday and Saturday. Steve Prefontaine said it best, “Racing is a work of art.”

Go paint your Canvas with GOLD!


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