Summer time has begun!

8736477acacc11e28c6122000aa8013a_7Finally some sunshine.  2013 has not brought the best weather my way. The first part of the year the mid west was covered in snow and now this spring we have been drenched in rain. Luckily today, there was sunshine and a cool breeze. My run was a little shorter than I anticipated, but I wanted to get to the farmers market before it closed for the morning.  I can’t miss picking up fresh tomatoes. Nothing beats fresh tomatoes. I think I even bought enough to make some homemade salsa!!!photo (8)

This afternoon Seth will be doing one more hard workout. Next Saturday he will be running in Blue Springs, MO. The goal here is to break the 4:20 barrier. After seeing his workout from Tuesday, I am 100% confident he will break this barrier. At State he ran just hard enough to win. The goal was to capture the gold. He captured it. Now it is time to put his legs up to the test.

With summertime in our mists Maria, Seth, and I have started some new training, and strength building.  I call our new activities, Galen Exercises. These exercises consist mainly of 15 million variations of lunges. But if Galen Rupp does something similar, then I am sure we will all benefit from them. Who knows maybe one of us if not all three of us will be the next Galen Rupp! We all have goals this upcoming fall, and training starts now! Our new training regimen has made our legs a little heavy and sore, but every runner loves that burn!  We are all excited to have the sun shinning and how legs burning.

Keep an eye out for results to be posted later this week on Seth’s break though race!!


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