Saturday Workouts and Sunday Runs

Yesterday was a great day. I met Seth for his workout. The workout I developed had a purpose of proving to him that he can run a sub 4:20 this upcoming weekend. Seth was suppose to run 6×800 broken down into a simpler and FASTER form.( My notes are sketched below.) He ran so well. The first interval looked a little stiff but I think that was because he had already played a few basket ball games that morning.  After the first 800 was complete and he moved on to the next 5, he started looking much more relaxed and more like himself. Overall the workout was a complete success. Seth ran the intervals within the target pace.  We are moving closer and closer to accomplishing goals. It is such a great feeling!



Sundays have always been my long run days. However thanks to Matt Fitzgerald, I have decided to do things a little bit differently. In case you do not know who Matt is, he was/is a very successful athlete turned writer/coach. I have been reading a few of his books to gain insight on how to not only help my own running improve but also to help the athletes I work with develop into the best runners they can become.  With that being said I have always stayed on a particularly strict running schedule. What can I say I like order and consistency. Most of us runners thrive on traits like these.  I believe it is very important for new developing runners to have more of a set plan and schedule as far as what needs or should be run on a daily basis. However, I am trying to get back into my good ole running and racing shape. To avoid injury I have decided to pay closer attention to by body and take one day at a time. I do still have my set schedule but I do not stress near as bad as I use to if my run was not has fast or long as I anticipated. With that being said, I am really loving this whole, listening to your body thing. Or should I say listening to your mind. Thanks to Matt, I am more aware of how I feel on each of my runs, which will hopefully keep me injury free!running

Today I was so lucky to have a chance to run with a good friend, Laurel, whom I worked with last summer. She even completed her first half marathon this past April!  It was great to be outside running again. Lets hope the rain stays away a little longer. Although the forecast does not look too shinny for Tuesday. Luckily Seth has another track workout tomorrow. One more speed day before his big day!

Thanks for the run Laurel!



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