High School Distance Challenge

What  a Day!!! It all started with my morning run. Which was not the best run I have had in a while. I did manage to run 9 miles, however each mile I felt like I was stomping around like an elephant. Part of this sport is taking the good with the bad. I noted details about my run in my journal, so I can reflect at a later day. 

I was NOT going to let my bad run ruin my day, I had more to look forward to. In fact, Seth was going to have a chance to run a PR today in the mile.  My husband and I headed down to Kansas City where, Coach Ramsey of the Brocaw Blazers created an event for high school runners to have one last shot of the season to run a personal record. This race took out the competition of winning and focused more on creating an atmosphere for the runners to chase down their desired times. I will say, this works for some runners and doesn’t work for others. Some runners thrive on competition and taking out that factor could potentially prevent the athlete from preforming at his or her highest ability. I would have had a difficult time in a race or event like this, however, Seth did very well and did set a PR. His PR was not as fast as we were hoping for, but the weather was not ideal. The wind along the last 200 meters was very intense. After talking to Coach Ramsey after the event, he suggested that if we calculated a wind factor we could potential knock off 2 seconds per lap. If that were the case. Seth’s 4:27.02 (1600) 4:28.02 (mile) would in fact be a 4:19 (1600) and a 4:20 (mile). Which are the times he was shooting for. So in perfect conditions YES he could have ran faster, but in the conditions we were blessed with he ran an amazing race. One in which he can walk away from this season super proud.  There is never a need for disappointment with a PR. The beginning of the season was rough and slow to start, but the season ended perfectly. In this event yesterday he even beat the Missouri 3A mile state champ.

As of right now, Seth is going to take a several days to go be a teenager and relax. Summer training for him is just around the corner. Maria and I are in the full swing of things with her training. She is getting stronger and stronger everyday. There is a full week of training for the two of us and a surprise at the end of the week. Stay tuned in for the surprise.

Have a great Sunday!

GREAT JOB SETH!!!… Results from the races can be found here. There is even a photo album, so check out the photos. Ane look for the LITE FEET RACING SINGLET!!DSCF1125


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