Salisbury Steak Festival 5k Stampede

What a great weekend. I do not know if there are even words to describe the past few days. It all started Wednesday night. I Headed down to Salisbury Missouri to spend the remainder of the week and weekend with Maria. Since I am moving in less than a week 😦 I had to spend as much time with her and help her train and race one last time!

Salisbury is a quaint town, I  felt as if I was in Mayberry. I loved it. The  community was nice and the festival was really neat, there were kick ball, softball, and little kid basketball tournaments going on all weekend long. However, my favorite part about festivals is that there is usually a 5k fun run sometime during the weekend. fun run with maria

Maria and I ran the course twice on Thursday morning. While running the course I did not notice the hills, however when race day arrived and I was in race mode, the hills were much more noticeable.  Although every up hill has its down hill so the race was fun weaving in and out of the neighborhoods, there was no time to get bored on this run.

One think I learned while living in Missouri is that it is extremely humid. I thought Texas was humid, but on race day I believe the humidity was up around 90%. Sometimes I wonder if I am in a rain forest. 🙂

fun run awards

Anyways, getting back to the race… I ran fairly well since I have not been running any workouts or tempo runs since April. I have just been running miles, trying to build my weekly mileage to prepare for marathon training this fall. So I was thrilled to come across the finish line in first place with a time of 18:38. Maria came in 3rd overall for female and 5th overall. She was 44 seconds off of her Personal best time 21:00. Which means when it is time for cross-country season she will blow her current PR out of the water. We were both very happy with our races. And loved racing in our Wild running outfits!

To my surprise even, little Samson, the pug walked/ran well in this fun run. He has never participated in a 5k before, so this was a first for him. He enjoyed it.  Maria’s Sister, Claire, and her Dad walked Samson. Maria and I out a race number and medal around Samson’s neck and I believe he was proud of himself for finishing his first 5k event! I think my dog is going to turn into a runner. I don’t know many pugs who run, so I guess Samson will be the first pug running dog.

photo (17)

It was a great weekend. Thank you Weimer’s for letting me in on the Salisbury Fun!!!


  1. Ahhh humidty will be the death of me! I may have grown up in Florida, but man o man will it sap me!
    Congrats to your runners!!!

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