Morning runs and afternoons with Runners

I like routines, I am pretty sure most runners do. In fact my new routine consists of running 5 days a week, with one cross train day followed by a day of rest. I will mention it again, if you have read previous posts, I talk about Matt Fitzgerald’s book, “RUN” , It has been my inspiration. What I run each day depends on how I feel.

With all this packing getting ready for the big MOVE,  I ran across my access pass into the Big 12 Outdoor track championships from 2007. This pass represents the last time I ran competitively. I did not run in the outdoor championships, but ran a race that spring on an indoor track after only running a few weeks, I somehow ran an 18:03, 5k. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with my 100th (not really 100th but 3rd) stress fracture. 2007 represents the last time I really ran competitively or consistently for that matter.

photo (26)


This is why Fitzgerald’s book has been a life saver to me. I am trying to run smarter and listen to my body. My run yesterday was rough, I have been feeling a little sore and tired, I usually do on the 4th consecutive day of running. Also I have such a competitive nature that I want ever run to be faster than the previous run. So it was also nice talking to my dad for reassurance. He has been running marathons for 20 years and has done very well in his marathons. He told me it is OK to slow down some and just get in those miles. When training for a marathon, running is important!! I ran yesterday and enjoyed it, even if it was a little slower, I got in 9 miles and was very satisfied. I am also working on stretching more after my runs. My mom informed me I am not as young as I was 10 years ago, so my body will get more stiff as I age. Oh boy…. Who would have thought at 25  I would be so stiff. I better listen to my mom, she does know best.

photo (25)

Later that afternoon I headed to the gym for a 45 minute bike ride, I like to do easy rides to shake out my legs. It is either that or swimming. I chose to bike yesterday then I got to finish my day with Seth and Maria. We did our plank workout. It was really fun and the Sun was really bright. I do not think we have had a workout session without any clouds in the sky. What a nice change of pace. Except off to the north there was a storm cloud chasing us, but never quite reach us, so we were able to complete 2 circuits. I love getting together with these 2 runners. We always have fun and I forced them to take photos yesterday since I only have a few more day with them!

photo (24)

Maria and Me after the Plank Session

photo (22)

Seth and Me or should I say My State Champion!!

photo (23)

Maria and Seth getting after it on the One Legged Crunches

photo (28)

Maria is all smiles while doing some Russian Twists

photo (27)


Today we will be doing our total body exercises. Stay tuned for tomorrow, I will post the details from this workout.


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