Last day in Missouri… Run a 5k

For my last full day in Missouri, Seth and I headed down to Macon to participate in a local 5k, Child’s Hunger Ends Here.  Since it was my last day what better way to say goodbye to the area than to run in one last 5k. It was a great day, Hot and Humid like usual, but fun to actually race with Seth. Usually, I am the one watching him race from the stands or sidelines.

When the gun went of Seth bolted on out leading the pack a few other guys followed not knowing of Seth’s super power speed!! About 1/2 mile into the race it was just Seth and me leading the pack. Seth was about 5 seconds in front of me at this point. The gap between Seth and I grew. He is coming off of a double win at State and has more speed than I have at this point. I would have loved to be right up next to him, maybe next time :).

The first mile I came through around 5:59. Mile 2 on the other hand was not an easy feat. There were 2 hills. One of the hills was not too bad but then you come around this corner and there it is… One of the largest hills I have ever ran up, in a race at least. I have ran this course before so I was looking forward to this hill. By the time I got to the top of the hill, my pace had slowed down tremendously. You would think there would be a down hill on the other side, but there is not. So, you just have to dig deep and keep running. Then there was the last mile, which was not marked well. I even stopped at one point trying to find the right way to go. The only down fall to small town road races is that the courses are usually not marked well and there is no lead vehicle or bike directing the pack. At this point we were weaving in and out of the neighborhood, so I could no longer see Seth. I eventually figured out the course, and finished the 3.12 race in 18:47. I was hopping for a time about 30 seconds faster. But I will blame it on the hill and getting lost. 😉 !! Seth completed his race in 17:47. We were just 1 minute apart, Not too bad!!  Overall Seth and I captured the gold in for overall male and female winners. We received metals and neat little trophies.


Seth and I immediately after we crossed the finish line!


Overall Finishers with our awards!



Great Job Seth!!!

After the race, We all headed down to a local cafe for some grub and chatting before my husband and I headed out on the road to Arizona!


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