This week is going to be a busy one. First off Seth and Maria are headed up to Pueblo Colorado to run at the Brocaw Blazers Cross Country camp. I am so excited for them. Seth attended this camp last year and loved it. Running camps are one of my favorite events to attend. Not only are you able to run and train with many wonderful runners, but they help give you a sense of  perspective which helps motivate you to get through the last half of summer training.  This will be Maria’s first time attending a running camp. i expect to hear great things from her experience. I have instructed both runners to take lots of pictures and give me a summary of how the week went. So expect a post in regards to camp in the near future.

As for myself, I have added some pictures from the race this past week.

 Here I am cruising in towards the finish line. After having a few days to reflect on the race, I would do a few things differently. First of all, when it comes to the finish I wish I would have fought a little harder, based on the picture above, I don’t really look like I was putting in enough effort for a finish. I am trying to get back into my old competitive nature. After taking nearly a 7 year hiatus from really running and competing. This competition thing is going to take some practice.  Mental strength is highly important in being a successful runner and competitor. It is one thing I use to be wonderful at, now I need practice.

Yeah JAMES!!! He is working hard. I am so proud of him for running this race. I am pretty confident in saying that the farthest he has ran in the past month is one mile. So to go out in Arizona heat and attempt 4 miles was quite a feat. He is planning on running another road race with me on the 13th, Our one year anniversary!! 

The week ahead for me is to run a few days this week, with some hiking and cross training. I will be headed into Endurance Rehab for a running gait analysis on Wednesday. I am super excited about this. I have had a really rough time getting back into running since being diagnosed with Celiac in March of 2012.  I have ran more this past year than I have since 2006, but with the goals I have set for myself I need to make sure I am doing everything I can to stay healthy and on track to reach all of my goals. This analysis will help to determine my weaknesses. I have added tons of strength training and various exercises into my routine over the past 2 years in order to get stronger to stay injury free. However, having someone who is trained to analyze running form will be very crucial in my progress as a runner. We can not be afraid to face our weaknesses. I have always wanted to have an analysis done, but have always been a little nervous to confront my flaws.  I talk to Maria and Seth so much about facing your fears and believing in their ability. I have to do the same If I want to coach them well. It is time to take appropriate action to train myself well.

As for the end of the week, James and I will be running in another road race, this time it is just a regular 5k. This race is on our one year wedding anniversary. In my opinion, what is a better way to celebrate our marriage than to run a race!! 🙂


Has anyone ever had a running gait analysis done before?


Big week ahead

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