It is starting to feel like Cross Country Camp

First I want to start off with the Independence 5k which Maria ran this past Thursday. The course was a tad too long. Her overall time was 21:54, however, if you factor in the time difference due to the extra length she ran her time would have been really close to a 21:04. She is steadily improving her times and has not even ran one workout. The goal with Maria is to work on her cardiovascular strength. I just want her running or cross training. Doing anything and everything to get her heart and lungs strong. The picture below is of her and her teammates from high school. She is the one in the turquoise tank top bib number 1375. Her sister, Ellen, is in the Yellow. Ellen also ran well!!

maria july 5kMoving on, I have mentioned earlier how Maria’s cross country team and Seth are attending cross country camp this week. I am so excited for them. One of the best parts of running camp is the change of environment. It gets rough at times running the same routes and paths everyday, especially during the summer. This is because in the summer we tend to run miles, and lots of them.  Not only will it be a change of scenery, but also elevation. Northeast Missouri sits at about 980 feet of elevation. Pueblo Colorado is over 4,600 feet. Their lungs may feel a little bit of burning after their first run tonight.

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The Drive from Missouri to Colorado is not the most exciting. (photos, courtesy of Seth) Most of the drive is through good ole Kansas. Lots of flat lands where you can see for miles and miles for roughly 12 hours. Luckily all runners made it safely to the camp and were thrilled to get out of Kansas.


This morning I woke up to a text from Seth, he said, “Matt Elliot is here, and I just saw him running on the treadmill. I feel like I saw a celebrity.” The next best thing besides the change of venue when it comes to cross country camp is the people you meet. The camp counselors are usually runner celebrities. Matt Elliot and Shalane Flanagan are the normal persons Matt Damon and Jennifer Aniston.  It really doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to running camp. The endorphin’s we get from seeing runners like these in person are enough to keep us motivated for several weeks. If only they knew the real impact they have on young runners.

Most running camps are not just about running, they are also about teaching us how to be more well rounded runners. Teaching us tools to use to help us develop into the best runners we can be. Today the kids were taught all about heart rate monitors and how they can be very useful in training. There is a science to being a top notch runner, as well as an art in my opinion. But I wont get started babbling on about that.  Anyways, back to camp…. Next on the agenda was some aqua jogging. If you have access to a pool with a deep end I strongly advice every runner to try aqua jogging at least once. Injuries are inevitable as a runner and knowing a skill such as this will take the injured runner along way. Also to avoid injury aqua jogging can be added to ones training for their second run to keep their legs from pounding on the pavement. If you are highly prone to developing stress fractures aqua jogging should be your best friend.



The runners are headed out for their first run today. I talked to Maria and she is excited to try running with a heart rate monitor. It will be a new experience for her. As well as running at altitude.

Seth has been here before, but you can never learn or experience too much. He is having a blast.I mean, come on, he did see a celebrity 🙂

Stay tuned for more Camp updates!!







3 thoughts on “It is starting to feel like Cross Country Camp

  1. Holy Moly, that is so cool!!!! You’re celebrity analogy is so true haha, I think I would die if I saw shalane!
    That is so wonderful they are learning about aqua jogging. Just the thought intimidates me, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that to try it I would need someone to teach me. For some reason it seems so complicated even though it’s not supposed to be!

    • I have never officially met Shalane, However I did watch her race at USA Cross Country Nationals this past February, I seriously had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. haha!! Also If you try aqua jogging with the water belt that is a really good way to start learning. however when I was first taught I was thrown into a lake and expected to stay afloat for an hour… It was quite an experience. 🙂

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