Camp is coming to an end.

Camp is finally coming to an end. Both Seth and Maria have been sending me photos of all the fun they have been having throughout the week. I wont go into much detail, just share with you all some of their photos and memories.


One day all of the runners at camp had a opportunity to have Question and Answer sessions with some professional runner.


This is the running path where Seth did one of his long runs this week.


Seth is in the white shirt on the end, pictured with a professional runner and a fellow high school runner.


More professional runners


They just keep coming…. more professional runner. I have said it before and will say it again. Meeting professional runners is any runners dream in my opinion. Now that I live in Arizona, I have met so many former professional runner, who are still racing very well. I have been lucky enough yo run with them this past week, and I also feel like I am at camp just like Seth and Maria.


Unfortunate not all of the professional runners are able to attend camp and speak with the high school athletes. However, the runners do have the opportunity to Skype some of the top distance runners. Pictured above is Matt Centrowitz, who won a bronze medal in the 1500 meter at the 2011 World Championships. Recent accomplishments my Centrowitz have been his 4th place finish at the 2012 Olympic games and a First place finish at the 5th Avenue mile where he beat renowned distance phenom, Bernard Lagat.


Also another mid- distance stand out, Jenny Simpson, was able to Skype with the runner. The advice she gave to all of them was how important it is to eat healthy and take very good care of their bodies. Currently She holds the American Record in the Steeple Chase and won the Gold Medal at the 2011 World Championships in the 1500 meter. Jenny had competed in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games. Another fun fact is when Jenny and I were in High school we both races at the Golden South Classic in Orlando Florida. However, I can not remember if I raced her in 2004 or 2005. I think it was 2005. I remember from that race there was a lightening storm off in the distance and they had to keep postponing the race every 30 minutes. Finally we were able to start the race. We ran 3000 meters, Jenny finished first with a time of 10:02 and I was 2nd, coming in with a time of 10:12. It was a great experience. I was terrified of getting struck by lightening so I ran as fast as I could to get that race over with. As soon as our race was finished they ended up canceling the rest of the races for the day.  Anyways, I am so glad Maria and Seth were able to chat with one of Americas best female distance runners.


These next few photos were sent to me from Maria and Ellen Weimer.


The Salisbury Cross Country team is pictured here with Coach Ramsey, who is the camp director and coach of the Brocow Blazers.


Maria and Ellen, I am not sure if this was taken before or after one of their runs! 🙂


What can I say…. Girls being Girls!! Super tough and ready to take on the trails!!!


These last few photos are of Maria and Seth with Matt Elliott, who is to this day one of the most motivational runners out there. He recently placed 4th at the USATF Championships in Des Monies this past June. One thing that is so special about him is not only is he a full time teacher, but back in high school, he really was not anyone special. He was the typical male distance runner, only running in the 4:40’s for the mile. Today the top girls in the states usually clock in around 4:40-4:50. He stuck with running all throughout high school and college and had made up so much ground. He now is competing against the best distance runners in the nation and has exceeded probably everyone else’s expectations expect for his own. Runner’s World, has a really nice article about him that you can read here. And this interview with flotrack is by far one of my favorite interviews of all time. Even I cried watching it the first time!


They have just today left of camp, then all runners will be headed home for the remainder of summer training.  Seth will be attending another running camp in Colorado in a few weeks at Adam’s State University, so more photos and updates from that camp are sure to be posted in the near future.

Overall this camp has been a blessing, both runners have talked to me and emphasized how much they have learned and how motivated they are to keep running!


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