I am BACK!

The past 6 plus weeks have been a roller coaster. Just as my training was finally getting underway, I tore my calf. This is why I have been under the radar lately. One problem I have is dealing with injuries. I like to shut myself away and get it healed as quickly as possible. 3 weeks into the healing process, my wonderful doctor decided it was time to try “REHAB” running. When he said the word RUNNING, I almost took out his office doors running. For the first time in the past 7 years I have the confidence to really and truly tackle my running endeavors. So, when I was granted permission to run again I was more than ready. In fact I was so read to run again, I jumped into it way to fast. What can I say, I like to run FAST!! Unfortunately I learned the true definition of REHAB running.
It does not mean go out and run like you did 3 weeks ago. Rehab running is basically just getting your feet wet for the first time. You are warming up the muscle that has been torn. With all this being said, you can probably figure out what happened…. When I attended my next appointment the following week, my poor calf was in more pain. Turns out the tear is still there! Another 3 plus weeks of cross training here I come. The past 3 week I have been so diligent. I even lightened the load of my cross training. I told myself I would rather be running than pounding away in the gym on an elliptical. So if that meant getting out of shape a little, that would be ok. Running again is much more valuable to me than putting in hours upon hours on the elliptical. My focus was on making sure I did all the little things I needed to do to heal my calf. I focused on my exercises and icing my leg after ever exercise. I focused on my nutrition, and sleep.

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This past week, I was once again granted permission to attempt REHAB running. I was much more conservative this time around. Therefore today was my first day of actually running. I ran 30 minutes non stop. I did feel a little heaviness or tightness in the calf but that is probably expected. I will ease back into running this week. With the goal of being back to normal running in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

photo (38)

I figure it is about time to admit that I like to keep my goals and plans private or in a tight niche. I have a fear of disappointing people as well as myself. So if I keep my goals to myself no one will know whether or not I reached them. This mentality defeats the purpose of goals. Fear of failure is one of the worst mental thoughts to consume your brain. I talk a lot about fighting the impossible and chasing your dreams, when I am guilty of being afraid to chase my own dreams due to the fear of failing. I have so much desire to attempt the impossible and it is about time I let it all out. 

Currently, my mind is set on running a half marathon this winter. PF Chang’s, is the goal! I have so much thanks to give to Dr. Ball, not only has he helped me heal my calf, and other running ailments. But he has also instilled confidence in me. With everything I have been through the past  7 years dealing with running injuries it is so refreshing to have my Doctor see potential in me.

So I am back and really and truly ready to tackle my fears! I want to run, and I want to run REALLY REALLY FAST!!!

On another note, I am a volunteer assistant coach for Grand Canyon University, I am loving every moment working with Coach Michael and helping the runners get motivated and ready for their upcoming season. The first race will be a week from today.  GO ‘Lopes!!!
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