2 weeks

These past 2 weeks have flown by. I am thrilled to be able to run again. I feel like I am back in my element. Spending hours upon hours in the gym on the elliptical was starting to become a little frustrating. When you have goals and are limited in your ability to achieve them, your motivation runs a little dry at times. I stuck with it. However, I managed to wake up every morning and fight through the frustration. Some days I was in the gym multiple times cross training to stay as fit as possible so when it came time to run again I would not be as sore. Now 2 weeks have passed. These 2 weeks include weekly mileage of 30 total miles each week. Honestly, I still struggle with only being able to run 30 miles per week. I wish I could just jump back into running 70+ miles per week.  I love loosing myself on the roads that lie before me. I am not really sure where my mind goes when I run. I just run! Every step feels better than the last. I am still not sure where my running is going to take me or how far I will go, but sticking with it through all the ups and downs will sire lead me somewhere worthwhile.

 On my run today I was enjoying the path before me. I was reminded of home and the good ole days running around Town Lake. I feel as if I have found my perfect home here is Arizona. It reminds me of home but is also a new beginning for me to start my running ventures all over again.  These Sunrises will never get old in my book!

photo (51)

Aside from running these past 2 weeks have been great. Seth and Maria are in full force racing just about every weekend. I look forward to hearing about how they preform each week. They are both definitely making progress.  It is still early in the competitive racing season, so I am expecting some pretty impressive feats in the near future.

On another note, at Grand Canyon University, the coaches had a bonding breakfast this past weekend. We discussed goals for the teams and enjoyed some gluten free pancakes, courtesy of yours truly! photo (48)

I can not get over how great these past 2 weeks have been. While I was picking up some last minute groceries for dinner at Trader Joe’s, the Cashier ran off to grab me some flowers in honor of my birthday this up coming Wednesday!photo (47)

I was also surprised with the best birthday card ever. My great friend created a card full of memories. I was so touched by the card. I looked over the photos several times and I am still not sure when some of the photos where taken.  All that matters is that my friends and I have shared many memories which will never be forgotten. We have had some of the very best of times.

photo (49)

Today is my MOM and NANNY’s Birthday. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!

Happy Birthday MOM and NANNY!


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