Birthday fun!

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. It started out great. Waking up at 4:30am to head up to GCU for cross country practice. I made the team blueberry and strawberry n’ cream muffins. It has been a very long time since i have baked a non gluten free food item, so I think I am a bit rusty. Overall the runners were grateful for the muffins. Better than most dorm food I guess.  They also gave me a card and sang me “Happy Birthday”.photo (54)

SO sweet, and I love showing up and having the opportunity to run with all these great people every morning. We even went to a new location to run. It was different than most of the places we run in Arizona. Most runs are along a canal with not much greenery surrounding us. Yesterdays run was immersed in a greener atmosphere. It is great to have a change of scenery on occasion. Most of the runs discussion was about the power ball and what we would do with the money if we won the $400 million jackpot.  There were some fabulous ideas involving helicopters and fancy cars. After our 40 minute run I headed home to get the rest of my day started.

When I got home from work James surprised me with roses and a Bosu Ball! I have been wanting a Bosu ball FOREVER!!! I finally got one. Now more time to become even stronger. More abdominal and strengthening workouts will be coming soon. photo (55)After present time we headed out for a nice dinner at a local hot spot called House of Tricks. It was such a great dinner. What can I say I enjoy really good food. I had duck and James had lamb. We finished the night with fro-yo.  He forgot about cake so we are going to Gigi’s bakery this weekend to get my gluten free cupcake!

photo (56)

Ultimately a great birthday. I was surrounded by great people from 5 am till bedtime. Thank you everyone for a great day!


One thought on “Birthday fun!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Haha you are one awesome coach to be baking for everyone else on your birthday!

    I hope your day has been absolutely lovely!

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