Every morning when we wake up we have a choice. Do we continue our journey on our current path, or do we take the road less traveled. The one where we have no certainty of what lies ahead. I am confident to assume a majority of the population is content with the path they are currently trekking.

Changing the direction may be what you want.

However, if you change your direction, you will change and everything in your life will change.

Will it all change for the better? or the worse?

Maybe most of us are afraid of the worse case scenario. So we convince ourselves that we are satisfied with where we are headed.

But then our minds become consumed by the haunting question, “WHAT IF”….

What if I actually worked harder in practice or put myself out there? What if told the truth or voiced my opinion. What if I fail, or nothing works out as planned?

We are consumed and overwhelmed by the WHAT IF’S… Therefore when confronted with a choice, we take the easy way out. In racing terms. When the gun goes off you have a choice,You can go out with the pack and hang on for dear life, or do you hold back because you are afraid of what may happen if you actually put yourself out there. You are afraid of loosing. But guess what… you just lost, because you did not even try to be a contender.  Sometimes the best part about making the more difficult choice is that you learn from it. You learn about your strengths and weakness.

Choices and decisions are surrounding us everyday. If you are not happy with the path you are on, then it is time to change something. If you want to win. Then start putting in the effort required to win. If you want to reach your goal, make the changes that need to be done. You are in charge of your journey. None of us know where we are headed, but we have our eyes set high hoping to make it to our destination.

Do not be afraid to choose the path that requires a bit more effort.

Do not be afraid of the pain.

Do not be afraid of the failure.

It is better to fail 10,000 times and succeed only once than to never succeed.


Make the choices that will lead you to where you have always wanted to be. If you want a different result, make a different choice~

Yesterday, the Grand Canyon University athletes had a choice.  Starting a race at 5:00 pm in the Arizona Sun could be a disaster if you let the negative thoughts creep into your mind and destroy any chance you have running a smart race. All of the runners out there yesterday were tough. Some had better races than others, but that is always expected. These runners are making choices and learning from the choices they make. Whether these choices deal with racing strategy or lifestyle habits, they are making choices which will only reflect upon the lives they want to live.

I had a great time watching all of the runners race. It is a huge learning experience for me as well as them I am sure. Every race gets us all closer to where we want to be.

photo 4


photo 1



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