Ups and downs are part of this little thing called LIFE!

I might as well jump into the truth head first…Let’s just say it as it is… the past 3 weeks have been a bit of a rough patch in my life, training, etc. As I mentioned in the previous post wrapping up my performance at the local Turkey Day 5k, I have been suffering a minor injury leading up to the race. Once the race was completed, my coach and I decided with the big goals lying far ahead, it is best to take some time off. Trying to stay positive, I realize if I ever want to reach my full potential I have to be smarter than my old self. The truth is a little time off is not going to inhibit my future performances, pressing onward without a doubt would affect my future training. TEN steps forward TWO steps back. But hey, at least I have EIGHT steps head of where I was six months ago.

Moving forward, I visited my doctor. My typical visits are usually painless. Well not completely painless, Active Release Therapy is pretty painful, but the outcome is significant. So let me back up. I guess the usual visit is fun and beneficial. This time was different, as I was describing my pain in more detail to my doctor and he immediately ran out of the room and brought back a walking boot.” SERIOUSLY!!! Is this really happening” is all that went through my mind. A few tears fell from my face. I was frustrated. Another stress fracture was the last thing I wanted to deal with. Luckily I have some great people in my life that help me see the light at the end of this tunnel I am racing through. My doctor looked at me and told me that I was not doing a favor for my sport by tearing up ;). He mentioned how the only people who cry in his office are elite FEMALE distance runners. The tears of frustration immediately turned to tears of laughter.   He started naming off the 5 other women who cried in his office, then he said, “you make number 6.” I could not help but to smile a little. That comment was enough for me to turn the negative thoughts into a positive perspective. The women he mentioned are all some of Americas top distance runners. They all fought through the tragedies of this sport and made it to the top. Therefore, I can do it again. I can beat this injury. In the past I took a 7ish year hiatus from running when I became beaten down with injury after injury.  This time I am staying positive. I will only see one out come to this bump in the road. SUCCESS!!

Back to the story, I was ordered an MRI of my foot/ankle. One week later I was so glad to hear that there was no stress fracture, but instead something called anterior ankle impingement. Basically what this means is the bone on top of my foot, (talus) has a bony growth on it which is inhibiting my full range of motion. SO… what is the treatment for this…. well, luckily the bony growth is not too big so rest, ice, and rehabilitation exercises to decrease inflammation as well as strengthen my foot/ankle. 

photo 2 (4)

As I have mentioned 100+ times, this is a bump in my road. The important part of getting through this is patience and positiveness.  In my past I let running control me. One injury would cause me to spiral down as far as I could possibly fall. I no longer let whether or not I am running dictate my happiness. Yes, I am frustrated, but I am allowed to be frustrated. This frustration is more motivation to give myself a reality check. 30 years from now, who will I be?? Will I be that person holding on to a dream beaten down with regret, or the person who may or may not have reached their dream but moved forward and made a difference. I want more than anything to reach ever single one of my goals, but by thinking about them, I will go nowhere. I have to be proactive in my life. I have to realize at the end of each day as long as I do what I am suppose to do, I am on the right path.  I will deal with this injury gracefully and enjoy some down time. I have years ahead of me to run. 2 more weeks of no running is my saving grace getting me to my finish line! Looking forward to training again just after the New year!! The coach and I have some great goals and races brewing in the back of our minds.

photo 1 (3)Like always, I will finish with little ole Sasmon. Lately he has had an obsession with the kitchen. Recently he was able to reach on top of the counter and pull down a block of cheese. I have no idea how he did this. He is just a little pug!



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