California Christmas!

I seriously can not believe Christmas let alone this year is pretty much over. When you are having fun, time truly flies. This year for Christmas, my husband, James and I did things a little bit differently. Since moving out to Arizona we have not been able to do too much together. He is either playing doctor, (since he is in his 3rd year of medical school) or studying and I am either working or running. Our two schedules have not been meshing very well. Which brings us to our California Christmas Vacation. We both were in dire need of spending time together, so what better way than being locked up in a car together for 4 straight days. It all started last Monday afternoon as we loaded up the Volkswagen Beetle and headed out west for California.

DSCF1759Our First Stop was San Diego. We arrived downtown late Monday night. That night we walked around the downtown area for a bit grabbed some dinner and hit the bed. We needed to rest up to prepare ourselves for a few days of adventure.

As soon as the sun came up we were out the door. We walked about 1.5 miles from hotel down towards the water.

These were the sites we saw on our walk.DSCF1749

Seaport Village was a real neat little tourist area.


The Palm trees here are much greater than in Arizona, I guess they get more rain or something.


James and Samson below!


This is the Coronado Bridge linking San Diego and Coronado Island together. We eventually drove across to the island. I was pretty terrified the entire drive across the bridge.


Below is the fancy hotel on Coronado Island. It was beautiful. There was even and ice skating ring right out front where you could go ice skating by the ocean. Kind of a weird activity to do near an ocean, but hey, it sounds fun!


More views of the Ocean! This photo is from our next stop over by La Jolla.


Samson and I at La Jolla. We saw so many Seals. I held on tight for this picture so Samson would not fall over to where the seals were.


A nice close up of the Seals.


We finally found a beach which allowed dogs to roam around. Samson was not a huge fan of the water. He would get real close and then run away from it as the waves came crashing on shore.


Christmas morning James and I grabbed some hot beverages and headed to a beach in Carlsbad, CA. (PS. I should be racing here this spring. I had to take a tour of this city to see where I will be running. There is always something running related.) We opened some present my mom sent us on the beach as well as a few other fun gifts. It was a bit unusual to be opening up presents on the beach. However, it was a great experience. I am not sure if I will do that again, I think I prefer opening presents under a Christmas tree. Who knows maybe one day we will live on the beach, that way I can still have the view of the ocean and a Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

DSCF1814After opening presents we beach hopped along the historic 101 route. I cant even tell you how many beaches we saw. Each one had its own unique vibe. I loved Newport and Laguna Beach the most.

DSCF1875 DSCF1872DSCF1849

We finished most nights along the ocean watching the sunset. On Christmas as we were absorbing the sunset we saw several dolphins. It was a natural version of Sea World. I tried to capture a photo of the dolphins but they were so fast my timing for the photos were off every time. But at least I have the memory of watching dolphins on Christmas night!






Samson and I hanging out in the sand!


Christmas dinner was at a fun little restaurant on Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. Our dinner was a mixture between seafood and Mexican food. Not ones traditional Christmas feast, but it was definitely tasty. Fresh fish from the ocean just outside the window can not be beat!



Finally our last day in California we went to Crystal Cove State Park/Beach. It was so incredible. There were no people along this ocean side. We had our own little private beach for about an hour the day after Christmas.

DSCF1921This was definitely not a traditional Christmas by any means, however it will be an unforgettable memory and I am so glad we were able to make this trip possible. It was what we both needed. Now we are back to our normal lives, and I miss the ocean very much! Although as long as my injury heals soon, I will be on track to head back to Carlsbad and the Ocean at the end of March to race!


3 thoughts on “California Christmas!

  1. Haha I grew up at the beach, but never thought of opening gifts on the beach, that sounds so sweet!

    Yey for your time together, it looks like a really fabulous trip.

    Happy New Year, I hope you have a wonderful 2014!

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