A General’s Daughter

 I cannot believe I was blessed with such amazing and successful parents.  My mom is one of the best educators probably in the entire world, and my father is one of only a handful of people who reach the title of General for the United States Military. One reason I have never given up on my dreams is because my parents never let anything get into their way of their full potential. I am pretty sure this trait was instilled in me at birth. If you want something bad enough then you go after it. Too many of us find excuses when life becomes difficult. I know for a fact that both of my parents have been through more than one should have to handle in a lifetime.  No matter what cards were dealt, both of them took what they were handed and made the best out of every situation. This kind of mindset is exactly what is needed to become great!

I am overly thrilled at my father’s current success. I can proudly say that I am the daughter of a United State General. I am a General’s daughter!! So what does this mean to me? This past week I learned the definition.

I spent the past several days in Washington DC with my Dad to celebrate his recent promotion.  Unfortunately the middle of winter is not the best time for celebrations. His promotion ceremony was canceled due to a snow storm. However, weather was not going to stop us from celebrating my Dad’s achievement. Instead of having a formal ceremony we winged it with our own intimate “mock” ceremony.

My Dad let me pin his Star onto his jacket, and he read through the speech he would have read if the ceremony was not canceled. Based on this inspirational speech I learned more than I ever knew about my Father. As he spoke chills ran through me, because I knew I was his daughter. The words of wisdom he spoke resonated with me. It is amazing how we can be so far apart our entire lives yet have such a similar mindset.

I believe a General’s daughter is just like her father. A general’s daughter is determined and passionate just like her father. Both my sister and I have very different passion, but we both have never let difficulty interfere with our destination. As my Dad read through his speech he mentioned how he kept a journal of quotes. These quotes were there to help him get through the times when motivation was difficult to come by. I loved hearing him say this; because I have my own little “book” of quotes I turn to whenever life throws me lemons. It was such a great speech and I saw so much of myself in him.

I believe if he can become great and accomplish the so called impossible, then I can too. How many people earn the title of General? Not many! I am fortunate to have his blood running through my veins. If I work as hard as him, I know I can reach my dreams too!

Congratulations Dad!


My Dad, Nanette,and Me!


The United State Capitol


The White house, (from the front)


The white house (from the back)


Washington Monument

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