A quick little note for February

I Couldn’t go through February without posting something! Seth set a new PR and Camrie had her first experience racing indoors.

Both runners have trained very well throughout the winter.  I remember my time in Missouri and the weather was not optimal. I think I would pick Arizona’s heat over feet and feet of snow any day. However, Seth and new comer Camrie have been putting in their miles.  Rain, sleet, and snow could not and would not stop them. I have been overjoyed with their enthusiasm and commitment this past winter. All we can hope for now is a break from the winter weather in Missouri.

Since the beginning of January, Seth and Camrie have been competing in some of the Big River Running Company Indoor High school track races in Columbia Missouri. Seth and Andrew ran in this particular racing series last year. Since the weather has been pretty miserable, it can be hard to stay focus on training. Luckily, these races give both runners something to look forward to.

Camrie raced 2 times and set up a great starting point and building block for this upcoming outdoor track season. I think these races gave her some drive and motivation. She can not wait to race again, and I cant wait to see her growth.

Seth ran the Championship race last weekend.  He chose to race the 3200 indoors. He could have races bot the 3200 and 1600, but he wanted to focus on one event and see how fast he could go. He crossed the finish line in a time of 9:38!! I can not tell you how excited I am to see this time posted. Full results from the race can be found HERE. He has been working so hard, multitasking between, basketball and track practice. I love this, because we see him success but we do not see the private battles he faces everyday. Managing  school and multiple sports practices is very difficult. He is very dedicated and putting in the work. More success is to come. He will continue to put in his hard work and we will see his first out door race on March 31. This will also be Camrie’s first outdoor race as a freshman. Both of these athletes keep surprising me. Maybe this spring they will both walk away with all of their goals fulfilled!