It has been a long time

Where to begin, well I left off last May mentioning how Seth won 2 state titles at the Missouri State Track and Field Championships. Since then, he captured, his last title just this past weekend at Missouri’s State Cross Country Championship. Also Camrie, made huge strides in the past year finishing 109th place last year to 55th place this year. I guess it has been a busy 6 months! So Congrats to the two of them for working so hard accomplishing their goals! It has been an honor getting to coach these two!

Moving on, over the past 6 months, I battled a stress fracture which kept me sidelined for nearly 4 months. It was a very long break from running. This fracture was at the top of my tibia where my knee and tibia meet. It was something I think I was dealing with since last November, but fought it pretty hard. I resumed training in the middle of July where I vowed to be super careful this time around. What has been a huge help keeping me patient has been my new job. I am currently working at a charter high school in Southwest Phoenix. I am super busy preparing lessons and teaching that I do not have time to overdo the training. This job has seriously been a blessing in disguise. As time has pasted I have been able to slowly add more and more into my training regimen.  I wont lie, I am beyond nervous everyday hoping I am doing it all right this time avoiding another injury that will sideline me once more for months.

I am currently pleased to say that I have raced in 2 races in the past month to test my fitness and I am getting back into running. It has not been an easy chase. The first few months were very difficult, the heat here in Arizona made running a bit depressing and difficult. Every run felt harder than it should feel. But I knew fall was just around the corner and by then my fitness would be better. I just had to take it day by day. It literally felt like over night the weather changed. All of a sudden it was beautiful running weather. This made training much more bearable.  As of now, I am slowly picking up speed but still keeping everything fairly easy so I can stay healthy and consistent for many many more months. Depending on were my fitness is after Christmas will be a huge indicator of what my next steps can be. “The best view comes after the hardest climb!”