Past 2 weeks of training

Over the past few weeks, I have debated about whether or not I should post my training to this blog. Ultimately I have decided to share my journey and become a bit more vulnerable. This way the athletes that I coach can see what I am doing along the way and others who may just want to compare notes can have a glance. My biggest goal as of now is to stay injury free until January.  I wanna see how fast I can get in these next several months. I want to put it all out there. So if any one has any advice or questions please comment below or should me a message under the contact me page.

So here it comes the past 2 ” more serious” weeks of training.

Week 1: July 27- August 2

Monday July 27:

:am run: 6 miles,  43:22, pace: 7:14

pm run: I meant to run 3 miles but it was super hot, and I took my husband with me so we only did 2 miles in 17:31, 8:45 pace

Tuesday July 28:

am 1st run: took the dog running.. 4 miles, 30:31, pace: 7:38

am 2nd run: about 2 hours later I had to go help a girl I coach do a workout so we ran an additional 6 miles, 51:30, 8:35 pace

Wednesday July29:

am run: 8 miles in 1:00:08, 7:31 pace

Thursday July 30:

Cross train day.. 60 minute elliptical plus weight and abs.

Friday July 31:

am run: 8 miles, 58:56, 7:22 pace

Saturday August 1


Sunday August 2:

am run, 12 miles, 1:26:12, 7:11 pace

Total miles for week of July 27- August 2: 46 miles, Not too bad. One thing I am doing this time around is making sure I get in my cross training. Even if that means I only run  days a week. I need to take care of my bones!

Week 2: Aug 3- Aug 9

Monday August 3

am run: 6 miles, 42:38, 7:01 pace

pm run: 3 miles with the husband, 23:46, 7:55 pace

Tuesday August 4

Cross train 60 minutes plus Weights and Abs

Wednesday August 5

am run: 8 miles 57:28, 7:11 pace (2 of the miles were faster just trying to get my legs moving, (6:11 and 6:09))

Thursday August 6

am run: 9.1 miles 1:07:11, 7:23 pace

Friday August 7


Saturday August 8

I ran a 5k race, total miles for the day 8.2 , the 5k went well, According to my garmin I ran 3.16 in 18:18 and I hit the 5k mark at 18:04. I am pretty happy with the 18:04 5k time. Now I have a foundation to actually start doing some workouts in the near future.

Sunday August 9

13.1 miles, 1:36:43, 7:23 pace.

Total miles for the week of August 3-9: 47.4, once again, I am pretty happy with this past week. I am looking to hopefully increase my miles this upcoming week as well as add in a bit of speed.


Stay tuned!




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