Week 3 Training: Monday, August 10- Sunday August 16

Here we go… Today marks my last day of training for week 3. Well, technically tomorrow is my last day, but I went ahead and did my long run today which will allow for tomorrow to be my much needed day of rest. I am not running much compared to many runners vying for the same destination as myself, however, I am training as smart as I can possibly train. Which means not getting ahead of myself with the excitement of racing and achieving my goals. This week was a bit different due to it being my first week helping out with Columbia College’s cross country team. Things that might have affected this weeks training the most is probably a later start time. Since I have been in Arizona for the past few year I have been able to avoid humidity. Now I have been bombarded with the joys of running in what feels like a rain forest, as well learning that hills do indeed exist. They come in all shapes and sizes too. I will touch more on the hill topic later. Anyways moving forward here is a look at my training this week…

Monday August 10:

am: 6 miles in 44:49, pace=7:27

pm: 3 mile shake out run, I took D.O. the vizsla with me, which slows me down. I am trying to teach hi how to run with me. overall time– 24:15 for an average pace of 8:04.

Tuesday August 11:

am: Cross train . 60 minutes on elliptical

pm: 75 minute weight circuit.


With these 4 items, a lot can be done!

Wednesday August 12:

am: total miles 9: with 4 mile tempo in the middle. I ran an average pace of 6:15, which is kind of what I expected to run. I secretly hoped I would be more around 6:05 pace, but I ran on rolling hills, which I am not use to. While in Arizona, everything was pretty flat and straight. Before I did this workout I debated on whether or not I should do it on the treadmill. I knew it would be faster if I did and give me more confidence. But, if I think logically, my races will not be on a treadmill.

Thursday August 13:

am: 7 miles in 53:25, pace 7:35

pm: 65 minute weight circuit, very similar to what I did on Tuesday.

Friday August 14:

am: 9.22 miles, 1:08:10, pace, 7:24

pm: LOTS of stretching

Saturday, August 15:

Alright, today I ran with the boys team at Columbia College. Originally I was planning on running 14 miles with 6x1mile within the run, but we went out to a new road. IT WAS HILLY!!! So I changed my plan, and only ran 14 miles with no repeats, I will most likely do the repeats on Monday. We completed the run in 1:41:28, for an average pace of 7:15.I was happy with this run because it was my farthest run in probably 7 months. Also to run that pace on the hills was good enough for right now. I am looking forward to running there again and seeing how I handle it when I have a few more longer run under my belt. With only 3 other runs longer than 10 miles, I think I held up well enough.

Sunday, August 16


Summing up the week.. I made it a total of 48.6 miles this week. Which means I am slowly increasing my mileage. I did my first “real” workout. Thank goodness I got that out of the way.

Looking into next week. My plan is to increase my mileage a bit more, hoping for around 52 miles. Also, the plan is to have 2 workouts in next week.

Stay tuned…



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