Week 6: August 21- September 6

Slowly I am making progress. I am so glad I took off 3 days last week to cross train. This smart choice will hopefully save me and help me make it through this training cycle. Being honest I am running slower than I would like to be running, but at least I am running.  I came across a quote on Twitter by Greg McMillan of McMillan Elite, an Olympic development program based in Flagstaff Arizona.  He stated: ” It is all about stacking successful week after successful week. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Just focus on one week at a time.” Right now, for me personally it is about each individual week. I am focusing on one week at a time. If I start to look down the road at what is ahead it can become very overwhelming and quite discouraging. Right now I have made it through 6 decent weeks of training. LAst week was not ideal with the cross training, but I was able to work on my turnover speed using the spin bike. I did benefit, I may not have ran 70 miles that week, but I was able to successfully focus on other areas to help propel me through my training cycle. With that said focusing on week 6, I would call it another successful week and I will keep piling them up.

Monday, August 31:

Usually I run twice on Mondays, I will do 2 shorter runs. This week since I still want to take it a bit easier to keep my right leg from flaring up I felt it was smart to just sick to one run and see a massage therapist so work out my tight hamstrings and lower leg. I ran 6 miles in a time of 44:19 for an average pace of 7:22 per mile.

Tuesday, September 1:

YAY!!! It is September, My Birthday Month!!! Boy do I love Septembers, it means cooler weather is just around the corner!! Anyways, since I had a massage the day before I did not want to do a workout so I just took and extra day and went easy for a total of 8.1 miles in a time of 59:42 for an average pace of 7:22.

Wednesday, September 2:

Workout Wednesday as they call it… I did a 2.25 mile warm up as well as cool down. I honestly had no idea what I was going to run today. I contemplated a few ideas the night before and decided once I started running my body would be the indicator of what I should do. I wanted to get in another Tempo run, I had not ran one in several weeks. I also wanted to do something faster like 800 meter repeats. Then there is always the in betweens for example 2 mile repeats or even 1 mile repeats. I knew I was going to do one of the above workouts. My thought process… I probably should not do anything too fast because that tends to flare up my calf. So 800 repeats are out the window this week. Maybe next week.  Ultimately  I am a huge believer in the tempo run. I believe it builds so much strength. I need more strength, so tempo run it is. I did a 4 mile tempo in order to compare it to the one I did about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I did go faster!! YAY!!! My mile splits were as follows: 6:09, 6:14, 6:17 (big hill in this mile), 5:56. Overall time is 24:46 compared to last time I ran 25:03 with splits 6:14, 6:05, 6:21(big hill), 6:19. Oh yeah, I also did 4 x 150 meter strides after the tempo. Total miles ran during my Workout Wednesday 8.50 in a total time of 58:48 average pace: 6:55.

Thursday, September 3:

Cross train day… I started out the morning with a ride on the spin bike. I did not do anything too crazy, just one 5 minutes set of hill climbs and lots of quick turnover work. I rode for 60 minutes. After the spin ride, I did a circuit of arm weights, squats, and stability work using a bosu ball. It was not a hard day, but I will be sore from the weights.

Friday September 4,

Easy run morning run on the usual MKT trail. I typically run on this trail. First reason for this place being my running destination choice is because it is primarily soft surfaces. Only the first and last mile are on the road, the rest is on a nice gravel path. I am hoping this will help keep me healthy. Last fall I ran mostly on the road. I did make it 8 months without an injury. So the goal this time is to make it even longer without an injury. The total run included  8.2 miles averaging a pace of 7:21 for a total time of 1:00:40.

Saturday September 5

I went into my long run knowing two things were going to happen. First I knew I only wanted to run between 12 and 14. Second, I had to pace a runner from the college for a 1 mile time trial. The rest of the run was going to be nice and relaxing. However, I miss judged some distance and ended up running 15 miles. Not much over 14 but it was hot and humid. I was definitely a bit worn out the rest of the day. I felt as if I was a bit dehydrated. Nothing to be worried about, but I did not feel great after the run. I clocked the 15 miler in a total time of 1:51:54, which comes to an average of 7:27 per mile.

Sunday September 6

Rest Day

Overall this week was a success. The pain in my right calf has pretty much subsided. I still feel a little twitch in my right hip/ groin area.  According to the massage therapists, it is just due to tight hamstrings. I am incorporating hamstring exercises and the good ol foam roller. My goals this past week were mainly to keep my leg pain under control. I did not have a mileage goal., because I wanted to keep myself healthy first and foremost. Therefore I am happy to say I did run 5 days this week and totaled 45.9 miles.  I am super excited about this upcoming week. I have a 10k on Sunday…

Stay tuned….


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