Week 8 September 14- 20 (recovery week)

I have not raced more than 3 miles since 2006, with that in mind, I contemplated whether or not I should take a few days off after the race… My longest workout prior to the race was only 4 miles worth of intervals, therefore I was not properly trained to run a super fast race. 36:31 is not a walk in the park, but it is also not a time which wins many competitive races. I am proud of my efforts and start to racing again, but I also had to keep in mind that I am training. In order to get better, it is not logical to take complete rest days after every race. There is a fine line to over doing it. I am learning my limits and paying attention to how my body feels and reacts to the intensity of my training.  I decided I was going to treat this weeks training normal unless I started feeling any sort of abnormal pains. With that said, here is a look at my training for the week:

Monday September 14

6.2 miles in a time of 47:57 for an average pace of 7:44. I did not look at my watch till I finished the run. I wanted to let my body recover without taking a complete day off. It felt good to get the lactic acid moving around my sore legs.

Tuesday September 15

8.7 miles in a time of 65:23 for an average pace of 7:29. The last 2 miles of this run I started feeling like my old self. In the afternoon I went to the weight room and did leg work and abs.

Wednesday September 16

Cross train day. I did a Spin routine on the Spin bike which incorporated hills and HIIT training, which stands for high intensity interval training.  In the afternoon I went to Columbia College’s cross country practice. During practice I ran when I thought I was not going to be running. I have no idea how much I actually ran probably just 3 miles. We had the runners doing 4×400 meters on the road after their workout. I was in charge of getting the splits. I ran back and forth trying to catch their splits. I had a head start but I was sprinting trying to get to the mark before the runners. It was a lot of fun for me.  I did this for the boys team and the girls team, and these runners have speed.

Thursday September 17

I decided since I felt so good on Tuesday that doing a workout today was the best decision.  It was not my best workout. I felt heavy legged and tired. Looking back, I probably should not have done such an intense spin workout the day before, Oh well you live and learn. On the agenda for the workout I was going to run on the MKT trail. The workout consisted of 1 mile at tempo pace, 400 recover jog, 1 miles tempo pace, 400 recovery jog. Next I would hit 2×800 with 400 recovery job at a pace just slightly faster than tempo pace, followed by 4×400 with 400 recovery jog at 5:30 pace.  If the workout went as I wanted it to, i should have it the miles at 6:07-6:12, the 800s at around 2:50-2:52 pace, the 400s around 82-83 seconds. This is how the workout actually went:

1 mile: 6:08

1 mile: 6:14

800: 3:00

800: 3:07

400: 91, 87, 83, 85

It was not the worst workout in the books, My legs just did not feel the pop I was expecting them to feel. Overall the run took 1:16:40 at a 7:18 pace for a total of 10.5 miles

Friday September 18

Rest Day,

Saturday September 19

Long run day. I decided to cut my long run a bit shorter today. I have another 10K next week, so I wanted to rest my legs a bit. Last time I had a 15 miler on my legs. So I want to try something a little different. I did run much faster than normal, but I felt great. I think I found the pop in my legs I was expecting to have on Thursday. I ran 12 .12 miles in 1:24:13 for a pace of 6:57.

Sunday September 20

Easy recovery run. I stayed up way too late watching Grey’s Anatomy. Thanks Netflix for giving me a show to binge watch. I always said I was never going to start watching that show since my husband is a doctor, but people always ask me if Grey’s Anatomy is similar to real life.  Anyways, back to the running. I did 8.5 miles in 64:36 for an average pace of 7:35.

Wrapping up the week I ran 46 miles, I have stayed pretty consistent will my miles staying around the mid to upper 40s. That 8 weeks in this range. I always want to add more miles, but I have to be careful to not over do it and stress my body too quickly. Maybe after this next week I will add a few more miles.

Stay tuned to find out…



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