Week 11 (October 5-11) A rough week…

This week did not turn out as I had expected. I was really hopping to get in 2 really solid workouts and then take the following week easy before the half marathon which is suppose to be ran on October 18th. On Monday I went about my normal routine. Which includes an easy run of about 6-8 miles. Since I started substitute teaching, I am having to move some of my runs to the afternoons since the days are getting shorter. I do not feel super comfortable running in the dark. Safety first! I ran a very relaxing run with some of the girls on the College Cross country team.  It was a great start to the week, getting to run with them since I usually run alone a majority of the time. After the run I went home to cook dinner and resume my typical life, when I noticed a significant amount of pain in my right knee. I was not too concerned at first since Tuesdays are cross training days, I figured I will just cross train and I will be just fine to  complete my workout on Wednesday like I had planned. However, Wednesday came and there was no way I would be able to run an interval workout. I decided to cross train lightly and rest on Thursday in order to let my knee fully recover. I also went to a massage therapist to see if we could work out the tightness in my hamstrings and quads. This helped quite a bit. I felt well enough to do a modified workout on Friday. On another note, I started feeling a bit under the weather as well. So taking a little of time off to recover was needed. When Friday came I decided to not run a super fast interval workout like 400 or 600 repeats like I had planned but to run mile repeats hoping it would keep my knee from flaring up too much. I was very pleased with this workout. I ran 5 x1miles with 2 minutes recovery. I did this same workout 7 weeks ago. The only difference between this workout and the one I ran 7 weeks ago, was that I was feeling great then and I also had a longer recovery of 3 minutes.

Week 4 (3 minutes rest) Week 11 (2 minutes rest)
6:06 5:56
6:01 6:04
5:59 5:54
6:12 6:14
6:13 5:56

One modification I would like to make is to actually run my mile repeats on a track to see how much faster I would be. I have noticed running on dirt trails and grass is much harder, but better for recovery purposes. The total run consisted of 10 miles when you include the warm up and cool down portions of the run. I pretty solid workout for feeling sickish and dealing with a mildly inflamed knee.  After the run my husband and I had to drive down to Tulsa for my brother in laws wedding. Sitting in a car for 6 hours was probably not ideal for my knee situation. The knee had really swelled up over the weekend and became very painful. Walking was painful! I knew I had to be smart and just enjoy the weeding weekend and put my running on hold. The goal is still to run a half marathon on the 18th at just slightly faster than marathon pace. I am so blessed to have such a great mother-in-law who spent a lot of time treating my knee while I was in Tulsa. Unfortunately I only ran a total of 18 miles this week. Much of the week was spent either cross training or resting trying to get the inflammation out of the knee. Since my mother- in- law worked on my I am feeling much better, but the knee is still swollen, but not near as painful. Fingers crossed I can still run the half!

I will end with some photos from the weekends wedding festivities.IMG_4315IMG_4335 IMG_4331 IMG_4325 IMG_4319


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