Week 13: October 19-25 (My knee is starting to heal)

It really has been a journey these past few weeks. I have tried to keep training through this knee pain. Heck, I even did a race. I mentioned last week that after I completed the half marathon as soon as I finished my knee flooded with pain and swelled up all over again. I have had the most success with spinning instead of using the elliptical. I did not want to take a day off after the race. I am training, and needed to pull through this minor hiccup. So here is a look at this past weeks training.

Monday, October 19: In the afternoon I hopped on a spin bike and rode for 60 minutes. After completing the ride, I did exercises which are suppose to help with patella femoral tendon issues. I have a nice little circuit I complete. It takes about 15 minutes. After the circuit. I pick up with my typical weight and core routines.

Tuesday, October 20: Once again I went to the gym and rode the spin bike for 60 minutes. I also included the Patella exercises and a different core/weight routine.

Wednesday, October 21: I wanted to test out me knee. My legs were getting a bit itchy. They wanted to run. I figured I could do a nice shake out run with the women’s cross country team. They had a 5 mile progression run. The girls had a head start, but I managed to work my way to them and finished the run with one of the runners. It felt really good to get my legs running again. The knee pain was minimal. I felt it mainly when I was running down hills. The run ended with a total of 634 miles in a time of 47:17 averaging 7:20 per mile.

Thursday, October 22: I went to bed Wednesday night unsure of whether or not I would run on Thursday. The plan was to wait and see how my knee felt in the morning. There was a little bit of tightness in my knee, I foam rolled my IT band, quads, and hamstrings prior to the run. The run felt a little sluggish. I probably slept too much. Since I was just using this week to test the knee I tried not to be too concern with pacing. I ran by feel and only looked at my watch at the end of the run. Putting in head phones and tuning out everything else, helps me to just run! Sometimes, we get to carried away with how fast we ran. I know this for sure. I am 100% guilty of feeling like this quite often. Once the run was finished I saw I completed 7 miles in 54:55 for ana average of 7:44 per mile.

Friday, October 23… No matter what I know rest days are super important for me. I figured it was time for a day off. I had not rested in over a week. Some great relaxation times was perfect.

Saturday, October 25- My knee was feeling so much better. I really wanted to run a 16 miler today. However, It is not worth it to run too much if I only get set backs. I knew I would have to listen to my body and stop when the pain creeps in. The run went really well. around mile 9-10 my knee stared to feel as if it were tugging. I did not want to push it. I headed back towards my house and did a few extra loops to try to get in 12 miles. The knee was not too bad, it was my blister that was so painful. I took of my shoe and saw a blister along my arch which was about 1 inch in diameter before the run, grew to be about 2.5 inches wide and long. OUCH!!! It was pretty painful. (12.1 miles, 1:27, average 7:10 miles)

Sunday, October 25- It really is crazy how taking it day by day makes all the difference in the world. Most mornings I have no idea how far I will run, I just let my body tell me. I did another 12 mile run. I ran until I started to feel the tugging sensation and then stopped. The knee is feeling so much better. Once again what hurt the most was my dang blister. After the run my husband grabbed some medical grade second skin to cover up my blister. I think I should have done this sooner. Oh well, we live and learn! ( 12 miles, 1:27, 7:15 average)

I am super happy with this weeks running. I was able to run 37.6 miles over 4 days of running. That is right at an average of 9.4 miles per day. Not too bad. The only think I wish I could have done differently was to actually include some sort of workout. Even if it was minor. But like I said earlier. I am taking it day by day until my knee pain is gone. Which it probably will be gone soon as long as I keep doing my exercises and being smart.

Stay tuned!


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