Week 14 (Oct.26-Nov. 1) and Week 15 (Nov.2-8) Self Doubt No More.

With the excitement of becoming an Aunt I have been Pintersting (I think that is a word) ideas of how I will spoil my Nephew.  While doing so I came across Narnia themed baby decor, and various other baby related items. This brought back memories of my own childhood, where my sister, brother and I cuddled in bed with our mom while she read us books. One in particular was the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. With Narnia on my mind I started to look into the book and reread the story. It has been at least 15 years since we sat on my moms bed listening to the words of Alsan. I came across a quote which really stood out to me, Alsan states,  “You Doubt Your Value, Don’t Run From Who You Are”.  In the context of the books the character Lucy is doubting her self and is accompanied by low self esteem.  I believe the quote is telling her to have confidence in herself and to believe in what she is doing and becoming.  When it comes to my life and goals, when the journey gets a little bumpy I tend to get a bit depressed and question my ability, choices and sacrifices. Do I keep going? Do I see another Doctor, Physical Therapist, Trainer, and so forth? Is it all worth it or am I going down a dead end road? The answer, is Yes! It is worth it. And No, it is not a dead end road. I shall not run away from the person I am. Or the pursuit I have been chasing. The plan is always to get back up and try again.

So what is going on with my running… Well… The leg pain as returned. The week of the 25th. I was able to run again for a few days with no pain. The knee pain had subsided and I decided to tackle a workout. I completed a 2×2 mile workout with 3 minutes recovery, completing the first 2 mile interval in 12:04 and the seconds one in 11:57. It was a decent workout. Something I had been wanting to do for a while, but always lack the confidence in actually doing the workouts. However, while running the intervals I felt a bit of a tugging/ pressure sensation in my right leg. This is the pain I get often. I decided to take it easy after the workout and run based on feel for the next few days. The workout was completed on the 28th. Over the next two days I did not really find any pain, until the 30th. As soon as I finished there was intense pressure around my lower leg, I decided it was best to just take off and cross train as well as rest till I can get the pressure under control. I know  most of the pain is due to an imbalance in my hips.  By the end of the week I only completed 33 Miles. Those miles were all great miles. I just have lofty goals and believe one week off now is far better than 12 weeks off later. Which brings me to the week of November 2. Everyday this week I cross trained pretty hard, doing 2 workouts most days, Spin bike in the mornings followed by strength and core routines in the afternoons. By Saturday November 7th, my leg was feeling quite a bit better, So I went out on a test run. 3 miles. With foot pain and lower leg pain that faded as the 3 miles came to an end. Sunday, November 8th, 6 miles with the same sensation as the day before. As both runs ended I completed a routine of rehab exercises and stretches from the current PT and Doctor. I believe I am on the right track. I have seen a new Doctor who is really motivated in fixing my imbalances instead of covering them up with manipulation treatments. The combination of Him, a PT and a Trainer are collaborating to help me develop strength to prolong my running career.

I have a team of people on my side, so there is no need for self doubt. I will just keep trekking along in the pursuit of my destiny.

Stay tuned… I am running more and have a few races on my mind in the near future. Being smart is the goal!