Training for those moments when your feet never touch the ground.

In running we read and listen to so many scientific studies, magazine article, and podcasts which are trying to discover the secret to faster running. When it comes to studying running economy, ground contact time plays an important role in one’s ability to set personal bests and even world bests. Ground contact time is a relatively scientific term in the running realm which is defined as the amount of time your foot is in contact with the ground while running. Typically, as your pace increases your ground contact time decrease. When you take a moment to really think about how long your foot is in contact with the ground per stride, it only makes sense, the shorter the contact time= the faster you run.

Is the secret to running fast that simple?
Possibly. I am no scientist but it makes sense. What I do know based on my own personal experiences, when you have those moments in training runs, workouts, races, and even life, where you literally feel as if you are flying, your ground contact time is probably pretty quick. However, I am certain it goes much deeper than science. I believe those moments of soaring come from something so much greater. Your next question may be:

So how do we fly?
We persevere. No matter what life hands us. It is our jobs to put in the work so we can have those moments where our feet never touch the ground.
As Peter Pan once said, “Think happy thoughts and you will fly.”
Let the Training Begin!relay-race-competition-stadium-sport.jpg

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