The Changing Cadence

pexels-photo-221210.jpegThe bad new, this training cycle did not go as planned. It all boils down to post pregnancy running, basically my body decided it really could not run the miles in its current state. Honestly speaking, I have known something has been off for a while. But the thing with runners is we somehow think everything will just click if we keep at it long enough. We just have to hang on for dear life. Unfortunately that is not how it works. I know that is not how it works. I have been at this long enough to know when things feel off, you need to stop and fix the problem.

I am not one to preach cadence. However, I do think it is important to be aware of your NORMAL. They say the golden number is 180 steps per minute. I have never been a 180spm runner, my normal is about 174-177spm. Post pregnancy, my cadence has slowed down to 163-166 average. I have been aware of the decrease, but for some reason I just figured if I kept running my cadence would eventually go back to normal. Guess what…. THINGS DO NOT MAGICALLY FIX THEMSELVES….. Surprise, surprise.

It takes work.

Due to this slight change in my cadence post baby, my foot strike is a little off, my muscles are not firing properly and other muscles are taking the load which they are not equipped to handle. All of these little malfunctions have caused some major hiccups in this training cycle. My post tibial tendon/ muscle decided to flare up. As well as my soleus and gastrocnemius. lower leg complications takes work to heal and maintain. Basically I feel as if I am reteaching myself how to run again. Looking back through my training log, the past 8 weeks have been filled with test runs and lots of cross training. Therefore, Iphoto (7)missed the half marathon for this spring cycle.

It happens. You win some, you lose some, you make some, you miss some.

Bumps and detours are part of this journey.

Currently I meet with the Human Performance Collective to have soft tissue work done to the calf area as well as rehab/ prehab exercises. The outlook for the week looks as if I will be getting back into running. It’s a work in progress. This particular journeys just takes time, patience, and lots of hard work to accomplish.

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