Amy’s Race Report: Glass City Half Marathon


A – 1:40:00

B – 1:48:00

C – 1:45:00


Starting around November of 2017, I began to think seriously about running a marathon in 2018. A key milestone leading to that goal was to run a half marathon in the spring. Well, that spring half was this past Sunday. I am happy to say up front that I met some of my goals in this race and am moving forward on my plan for running a marathon this year! 🙂


I focused on the 5k distance during the fall and spent December continuing to build my base mileage. By the end of December, I was up to about 20-25 miles per week. Anissa designed a training plan for me that began 14 weeks before the race. The idea was that it would basically be a 12-week plan but have some wiggle room in case anything interfered with my training (spoiler alert, things interfered).

This training cycle peaked just over 30 miles per week and included at least one workout per week. I also mixed in some weight training, yoga, and rehab/prehab exercises when I could. There were a couple of times when I was sick or Clementine was and it interfered with my training. I missed a 10-mile progression run pretty close to the week of the race, which I was kind of disappointed about. Luckily I was able to work around that anyway though.

I drove down to Toledo on Saturday to pick up my race packet and check out the expo. Then on Sunday morning, I arrived with only about 20 minutes to spare. I really wanted to get there like an hour early, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. I drank a whole bottle of water on the drive down and I had to go to the bathroom before I could get into the starting corral. Unfortunately, so did 200 other people! I waited in line for a while, then finally had a turn to get into a port-a-potty. I ran to the starting line while the national anthem was being sung. Talk about cutting it close!

The crowd support at the race was amazing! I was having so much fun that I had a smile on my face for at least the first 9 miles. I was planning to run at a pace of 8:00/mile but was actually going a little too fast. My first 7 miles were all under 8 minutes per mile. I could see that I was going too fast, but I felt pretty good and kept getting pumped up when I saw my sister and her husband cheering me on. And I got excited when I ran past the various course entertainment.

I knew that the long stretch along Dorr St toward the end of the race (miles 10-12) would be tricky. It was close to the end and crowds were shifting over to stadium to see the finish, so the crowd support was a little thinner at that point. Also, that is such a long, straight, and slightly uphill stretch of road! It felt like it was going on forever.

After I made the turn onto Douglas Rd, I caught up with the 1:45 pacing team. This was two guys who were passing a sign back and forth and calling out encouragement along the run. Their support helped me find the motivation to pick up my pace for the last 2 miles.

The finish line was in the Glass Bowl stadium, where the University of Toledo football team plays. It was pretty exciting to go around the corner, up the ramp, and through the entrance into the stadium. There was an announcer who called out people’s names (I heard my name!) as they crossed the finish. In the post-race party, I had pizza, a cookie, and some fruit, I had a short massage (omg, so perfect), and found out my results.

Amys race.png

My time was 1:44:21, and I got 25th in my age group. Pretty pleased with that 🙂


I got a little carried away with the excitement of the event, so I want to run another half pretty soon with a more clear racing strategy. The Probility Ann Arbor Marathon is coming up in a few weeks and has a half-marathon option. I think I’ll do this one with a stricter control on 8:00/mile pacing.

After that, a 2-week break and then the beginning of marathon training!

Running into Toddlerhood

clem 1After purchasing a used BOB Revolution jogging stroller in August 2017, I used it pretty regularly for the next 4 months. My daughter and I have learned to embrace whatever weather we are having (within reason — we ditched our run pretty quickly when it was less than 20 degrees and windy this winter). I love being able to go outside with a purpose and a buddy.

In October, I used a fleece elephant Halloween costumeclem 2 as a warm layer for the little girl. She loved that thing! Actually, she can and still does wear it sometimes. You can see in these pictures that we had to add more and more layers as fall segued into winter. First there’s the elephant costume and a blanket, then we added a hat to keep her ears warm and a second blanket to keep the wind off, then we upgraded to a puffy pink snowsuit.

clem 3When I take the snowsuit off the hook and set it on the floor to get her bundled up, my daughter comes running over and sits in the middle of it. She likes to put on the snowsuit, get in the stroller, and get outside to see the trees and squirrels! On those days when I’m not able to get my run in in the morning, we take the stroller out in the afternoon and combine my run with her nap. 🙂 Two birds, one stone


#Fitmom, According to Amy

I use the hashtag #fitmom in a lot of my Instagram posts. Rather than amplify the insurmountable pressure women experience to *do it all,* I want to build women up.

My interpretation of being “fit” is that I want to do activities that I enjoy and that help me be the best version of myself — for my own happiness and for the happiness of my family. If I need a good amount of physical activity each week (or every day) to feel good about myself, that isn’t about comparing myself to other people. That’s about being active, experiencing those exercise-induced endorphins, and being a stronger person because of it.

Personal moment here… I have been treated for a bit of depression in my past. Luckily I was able to catch the signs amy 2and get myself into therapy within a few months and stay proactive about it (ha, as much as you can when you’re talking about depression). I have several close family members who struggle with depression every day, so I had a good idea of what could happen if I let things slip any further out of my control. Anyway, I bring this up to illustrate how exercise plays into my treatment. It was incredibly helpful for me to be able to speak to a mental health professional about my concerns and to come to a plan for keeping my mood balanced. For me, this plan includes goal setting, exercise, and a lot of compassion for myself when I mess up. Running is my anti-depressant right now.

amy 1Pole dancing surprisingly does wonders for my self esteem. When I’m feeling self-conscious about my thighs, my stomach, or any other area, an hour of pole will bring my mood back up. It’s hard not to lift yourself out of a funk when you are literally lifting yourself up! I gain such an appreciation for how my body works when I practice coordinated spins, climbs, and inversions on the pole.

In a similar vein, when I go for a run first thing in the morning, it’s hard to let anything else throughout the day bring me down. I’ve already done something for myself that is productive, good for me, and fun! It helps me find the energy to get through everything else being a stay-at-home mom brings. (I have some opinions about that term, but I’ll get to that later.) Plus, just like with poleamy 3 dancing, it’s hard to feel down about myself when I am able to physically conquer the goals I set out for myself.


A #fitmom doesn’t have to be an athlete. She can be a mom who picks up her kid when they cry, a mom who is strong enough to be the emotional backbone of her family, a mom who juggles her own self-care with the needs of her kids. I am a #fitmom, and I invite other moms to identify their strengths and fitness too.