Online Coaching


I think the key to becoming a successful runner is communication and trust. I will communicate with my athletes on a regular basis. I will also develop a training program customized to help you reach your racing goals. No matter your level I can help you!

The training I use is very similar to Arthur Lydiard. I believe he is one of the best coaches in the field of distance running. My foundation is based on his training, however everything evolves. What works for one runner may not work for another. I am constantly learning new techniques and training to help make my runners the best they can be!!

Aside from running, developing proper strength is vital in preventing injury. Included in my training programs are circuits and drill activities to help prevent injuries, and make you a stronger, faster runner.


Monthly coaching:

  • BASIC: Cost- $100
    • Biweekly emails From ME: I will be emailing you twice a week to check in on progress and drop a bit of motivation to your inbox.
    • Custom training plan based on your own individual needs and goals.
    • Unlimited Emails from you!
  • ELITE: Cost- $175
    • Daily emails or text check ins from me,
    • Custom training plan based on your own individual needs and goals.
    • Unlimited Emails/Texts from you!

12 Week Training Plans:

  • Cost: $300
    • Weekly email check ins from me!
    • Custom 12 week plan based on your goal race 5k-Marathon.
    • Unlimited emails from you!


If you are interested in my services with online coaching please contact me.

*All services include a FREE initial consultation.*

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