Week 4: August 17- August 23

Sorry this is a bit late, but better late than never. I am not sure if I just got busy or if I was too lazy to post this yesterday. Anyways, a summary of my week, I did reach my goal of hitting 50 miles. My workout this week was not ideal. I wanted to be about 5-10 seconds faster on each interval. However, I have to keep in mind that when i usually do mile repeats I have been on a track so that could potentially be a reason I did not hit the times I had hoped for. As the week went on, I trained normally, to end the week with a great long run. It was the best I had felt in a long time! I definitely gained a boost of confidence from the long run. So here it is folks:

Monday August 17:

am: 7.2 miles at 7:27 pace

pm: 3 miles, I forgot my watch, but I think it was around an 8 minute mile pace, I took DO, with me, so once again it was super easy and just to shake out my legs.

Tuesday August 18:

am: 60 minute elliptical

pm: 60 minute body circuit, this consists of a combination of weights and body work using the swiss ball, bosu ball, blocks, medicine balls, and a foam roller.

Wednesday August 19:

am: So I have decided I will not do my body weight circuit the day before a workout, I think I am going to switch the circuit to be done after my workouts in the afternoon. My plan is that this will help me legs to feel a bit fresher.  As for my actual workout the total was about 9ish miles with 5×1 mile repeats with 3 minutes rest. mile splits: 6:06, 6:01, 5:59, 6:12 (uphill), 6:13 (uphill)

Thursday August 20:

8 miles easy at 7:24 average pace. I didn’t fell normal on this run. Probably a bit tired from the workout.

Friday August 21: REST DAY

Saturday August 22:

It was such a great run, I just ran by feel and killed it. this run was the first run that I felt super relaxed and like myself. I totaled 14 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes, my splits per mile are as follows, (Keep in mind this was not an actual “workout” I just went by feel.) 8:09, 7:41, 7:33, 7:07, 7:01, 7:05, 7:01, 7:01, 6:54, 7:00, 7:11, 6:55, 6:50, 6:37.Good DAY!

Sunday August 23,

Guess what… I was not feeling it today, maybe the long run hit me harder than I thought it would. I just ran super relaxed. It was super duper easy. I wanted to make sure I did the true definition of a recovery run. I believe I did great staying under control. I tend to push it when I do not like my mile splits. I am trying to learn from my past mistakes. I ended up running 8 miles at 7:52 pace.

Overall I thing this was a pretty solid week of running. I totaled 50 miles which is what I was hoping to run. Next week I will back it off a bit in my mileage. As Sunday progressed my leg started to hurt a bit, So I figured I am probably due for a down week. I want to make sure I stay healthy. The plan is to cross train for a few days. I see a massage therapist tomorrow, hoping he can help my leg feel better. I would still like to get in a solid workout towards the end of the week if my leg is not bothering me. I am trying to be smarter this time around. Instead of running through the pains thinking it will get better I am resting the legs from running and adding extra strength training and continuing with the good ole cross training routine.

Stay Tuned!

IMG_3739 (1)


Week 3 Training: Monday, August 10- Sunday August 16

Here we go… Today marks my last day of training for week 3. Well, technically tomorrow is my last day, but I went ahead and did my long run today which will allow for tomorrow to be my much needed day of rest. I am not running much compared to many runners vying for the same destination as myself, however, I am training as smart as I can possibly train. Which means not getting ahead of myself with the excitement of racing and achieving my goals. This week was a bit different due to it being my first week helping out with Columbia College’s cross country team. Things that might have affected this weeks training the most is probably a later start time. Since I have been in Arizona for the past few year I have been able to avoid humidity. Now I have been bombarded with the joys of running in what feels like a rain forest, as well learning that hills do indeed exist. They come in all shapes and sizes too. I will touch more on the hill topic later. Anyways moving forward here is a look at my training this week…

Monday August 10:

am: 6 miles in 44:49, pace=7:27

pm: 3 mile shake out run, I took D.O. the vizsla with me, which slows me down. I am trying to teach hi how to run with me. overall time– 24:15 for an average pace of 8:04.

Tuesday August 11:

am: Cross train . 60 minutes on elliptical

pm: 75 minute weight circuit.


With these 4 items, a lot can be done!

Wednesday August 12:

am: total miles 9: with 4 mile tempo in the middle. I ran an average pace of 6:15, which is kind of what I expected to run. I secretly hoped I would be more around 6:05 pace, but I ran on rolling hills, which I am not use to. While in Arizona, everything was pretty flat and straight. Before I did this workout I debated on whether or not I should do it on the treadmill. I knew it would be faster if I did and give me more confidence. But, if I think logically, my races will not be on a treadmill.

Thursday August 13:

am: 7 miles in 53:25, pace 7:35

pm: 65 minute weight circuit, very similar to what I did on Tuesday.

Friday August 14:

am: 9.22 miles, 1:08:10, pace, 7:24

pm: LOTS of stretching

Saturday, August 15:

Alright, today I ran with the boys team at Columbia College. Originally I was planning on running 14 miles with 6x1mile within the run, but we went out to a new road. IT WAS HILLY!!! So I changed my plan, and only ran 14 miles with no repeats, I will most likely do the repeats on Monday. We completed the run in 1:41:28, for an average pace of 7:15.I was happy with this run because it was my farthest run in probably 7 months. Also to run that pace on the hills was good enough for right now. I am looking forward to running there again and seeing how I handle it when I have a few more longer run under my belt. With only 3 other runs longer than 10 miles, I think I held up well enough.

Sunday, August 16


Summing up the week.. I made it a total of 48.6 miles this week. Which means I am slowly increasing my mileage. I did my first “real” workout. Thank goodness I got that out of the way.

Looking into next week. My plan is to increase my mileage a bit more, hoping for around 52 miles. Also, the plan is to have 2 workouts in next week.

Stay tuned…


Past 2 weeks of training

Over the past few weeks, I have debated about whether or not I should post my training to this blog. Ultimately I have decided to share my journey and become a bit more vulnerable. This way the athletes that I coach can see what I am doing along the way and others who may just want to compare notes can have a glance. My biggest goal as of now is to stay injury free until January.  I wanna see how fast I can get in these next several months. I want to put it all out there. So if any one has any advice or questions please comment below or should me a message under the contact me page.

So here it comes the past 2 ” more serious” weeks of training.

Week 1: July 27- August 2

Monday July 27:

:am run: 6 miles,  43:22, pace: 7:14

pm run: I meant to run 3 miles but it was super hot, and I took my husband with me so we only did 2 miles in 17:31, 8:45 pace

Tuesday July 28:

am 1st run: took the dog running.. 4 miles, 30:31, pace: 7:38

am 2nd run: about 2 hours later I had to go help a girl I coach do a workout so we ran an additional 6 miles, 51:30, 8:35 pace

Wednesday July29:

am run: 8 miles in 1:00:08, 7:31 pace

Thursday July 30:

Cross train day.. 60 minute elliptical plus weight and abs.

Friday July 31:

am run: 8 miles, 58:56, 7:22 pace

Saturday August 1


Sunday August 2:

am run, 12 miles, 1:26:12, 7:11 pace

Total miles for week of July 27- August 2: 46 miles, Not too bad. One thing I am doing this time around is making sure I get in my cross training. Even if that means I only run  days a week. I need to take care of my bones!

Week 2: Aug 3- Aug 9

Monday August 3

am run: 6 miles, 42:38, 7:01 pace

pm run: 3 miles with the husband, 23:46, 7:55 pace

Tuesday August 4

Cross train 60 minutes plus Weights and Abs

Wednesday August 5

am run: 8 miles 57:28, 7:11 pace (2 of the miles were faster just trying to get my legs moving, (6:11 and 6:09))

Thursday August 6

am run: 9.1 miles 1:07:11, 7:23 pace

Friday August 7


Saturday August 8

I ran a 5k race, total miles for the day 8.2 , the 5k went well, According to my garmin I ran 3.16 in 18:18 and I hit the 5k mark at 18:04. I am pretty happy with the 18:04 5k time. Now I have a foundation to actually start doing some workouts in the near future.

Sunday August 9

13.1 miles, 1:36:43, 7:23 pace.

Total miles for the week of August 3-9: 47.4, once again, I am pretty happy with this past week. I am looking to hopefully increase my miles this upcoming week as well as add in a bit of speed.


Stay tuned!



The past twelve months…

Twelve months ago I started a new venture,  I hung my running shoes up on the door and started my first teaching job. This was not just any ordinary teaching position. This one was special.  At first glance most would probably have ran out the door as quickly as possible with the idea of teaching where I taught, while others would have felt like it was their chance to portray  Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds or Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers. I wont lie part of me liked the idea of changing the lives of inner city kids.

Twelve months ago, I had become weak! Twelve months ago, I walked through the doors of this High School looking to be challenged. Twelve months ago, I wanted to enter into to unfamiliar ground. I needed to be shaken. I was desperate to find the strength I felt like I had lost.

On the second day of school a student stood up and closed his notebook. I told the student it was not time to put things up, and that I was still going over our syllabus, He picked up his notebook and preceded to  through it right towards my direction informing me that he was done.

On the last day of school I had a room full of students who would not leave my classroom.  Several of them followed me out to my car begging me not to leave. My time with them had come to an end.

Did I step into unfamiliar ground?…. Yes!

Was I shaken?… Umm. TOTALLY!

Did I find the strength I had lost?… Most Definitely!

This past year I was challenged in a whole new way. I was given the mental and emotional strength I needed to continue on with my own dreams.  As the new year approaches, Good Luck to all my old students! I sure will miss you and you all will hold a special place in my heart!!



Twelve Months ago, I started running again, with the hopes of setting my Olympic Trials Qualifying Standard. I ran a few races and ran the fastest 5k  since college. This really boosted my confidence to train harder and really commit to the work that needed to be done. I was looking to run in the Eugene Marathon this past May, When I was sidelined by yet another 2 stress fractures.  I was able to work my way up to a few 15 mile runs before these injuries crept into my bones.


Twelve months ago, was the start of James’s 4th year of medical school. YAY!! He was almost done. I can not express how proud I am of him for working so hard through school. When May came around, I could not wait for him to walk across that stage.

IMG_2699 IMG_2675




Which brings me to present day….. James has started his residency and is in the full swing of things.  While I have started training once again. Hoping these past twelve months have taught me and strengthened me to continue onward through my journey.

Stay tuned for updates..


It has been a long time

Where to begin, well I left off last May mentioning how Seth won 2 state titles at the Missouri State Track and Field Championships. Since then, he captured, his last title just this past weekend at Missouri’s State Cross Country Championship. Also Camrie, made huge strides in the past year finishing 109th place last year to 55th place this year. I guess it has been a busy 6 months! So Congrats to the two of them for working so hard accomplishing their goals! It has been an honor getting to coach these two!

Moving on, over the past 6 months, I battled a stress fracture which kept me sidelined for nearly 4 months. It was a very long break from running. This fracture was at the top of my tibia where my knee and tibia meet. It was something I think I was dealing with since last November, but fought it pretty hard. I resumed training in the middle of July where I vowed to be super careful this time around. What has been a huge help keeping me patient has been my new job. I am currently working at a charter high school in Southwest Phoenix. I am super busy preparing lessons and teaching that I do not have time to overdo the training. This job has seriously been a blessing in disguise. As time has pasted I have been able to slowly add more and more into my training regimen.  I wont lie, I am beyond nervous everyday hoping I am doing it all right this time avoiding another injury that will sideline me once more for months.

I am currently pleased to say that I have raced in 2 races in the past month to test my fitness and I am getting back into running. It has not been an easy chase. The first few months were very difficult, the heat here in Arizona made running a bit depressing and difficult. Every run felt harder than it should feel. But I knew fall was just around the corner and by then my fitness would be better. I just had to take it day by day. It literally felt like over night the weather changed. All of a sudden it was beautiful running weather. This made training much more bearable.  As of now, I am slowly picking up speed but still keeping everything fairly easy so I can stay healthy and consistent for many many more months. Depending on were my fitness is after Christmas will be a huge indicator of what my next steps can be. “The best view comes after the hardest climb!”

He can’t be stopped

One of the most humbling experiences is to watch someone else accomplish success. Words can not describe how fortunate I have been over the past 3 years. When I moved to rural Missouri 3 years ago, I had no idea my world would change so much. Two years ago I was introduced to a young man. I was asked to help this young man with his running. He had recently finished his freshman year of high school and did some amazing things in cross country and track that year. However, he wanted more. He had more drive and ambition than most high school students.  With my experience and love for the sport I could not say no to this opportunity. When I started working with Seth I had no idea where this opportunity would take me. All I knew is that I wanted to help him reach his goals.

His first cross country season we definitely set our sights high! Why not reach has high as possible. Going into the state meet as a sophomore we had both hoped for a State Championship title. Even though Seth ran an amazing race it just was not good enough to earn him the state title. I refocused my coaching and his running. Track season came and BAM!!! He did it. He managed to pull off 2 state titles in Track. I remember watching those races, there was a point I had to turn around and close my eyes I was too nervous to watch.  But he did it!! He won!!

Then I moved to Arizona. I was freaking out a bit inside hoping I would still be able to help him. I knew this year was going to be difficulty. I would not be able to watch him run once!! I would not be at one practice, or race!! I had to trust myself and him to know that we could still get in great training. I knew he had a shot and winning all three state titles this year. But this year was about more than winning. We wanted to prove that he can compete on any level. If he was going to win again this year, He had to really win! He had to blow his competition away. Unfortunately I was not able to sit in the stands this year and watch Seth race, but I was able to watch online!! Thank you internet!!! This year his first race was the 3200. I sat in my house, my heart racing!! There was no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t be able to win, I just wanted him to break the state record.  As he hit the last lap I knew it was going to be close. He crossed the line at 9:39, which was 2.5 seconds away from breaking the record! SO Close!!! Not being able to watch him once this year really got to me. So being able to watch him meant so much. Yes, it is kind of bummerish that he didn’t break the record, but he did win and I am super pleased!! I was finally able to see him put all his hard work out there for everyone to watch! It was amazing to see how much stronger he has become over the past year.

The following day Seth was racing in the 1600 and 800 meter races. His PR is just shy of the state record in the 1600. If all of his workouts paid off he should be able to do something amazing. The weather was not ideal. It rained all day and all of the races got pushed back an hour. However, nothing could stop this kid. He approached the starting line ready to take on the record. The gun goes off and he is off. Lap by lap I knew it was going to be close. With one lap to go I knew he had a shot, but that would mean he would have to run just under 60 seconds for the last lap. I know he has that kind of speed. I sat patiently watching every step of his last lap. He crossed the finish line so fast I could not make out the clock. I immediately text messaged his mom asking if he got the record. She responded saying he was 1.02 seconds away from the record.  I felt so bad. I knew breaking both records were super important to Seth and he did not get either record.

Yes, I could be disappointed, but I am not.  He races well and gave it his best effort. In a way I am excited that he did not break the records. He has one year left, so he can get it next year. And he will not just be breaking the records by a second or two. He will slaughter the records. My wish for him is to run so fast next year that his records will stick for decades!

What can I say this kid can not be stopped!

Sour Lemonade

When life throws you lemons, what do you do???…. You make lemonade!! However, that lemonade is sometimes a bit on the sour side. But hey, at least you did the best you could right??!!!

Right now I have a whole pitcher full of sour lemonade and it is definitely not what I expected. I will take what I get and work with it.

To make the lemonade better, the best option is to add in a dash or two of sugar. Then the once bitter taste which causes our taste buds to clench becomes a nice sweet refreshing beverage.

I know in life you can not really just throw in a spoonful of sugar and then everything becomes perfect. However, we can encompass ourselves with people, places, and situations which make the gloomy days brighter.

I have had an opportunity to let my life and situation take me in two different directions. I have in the past taken the road which only leads to feeling sorry for oneself and being miserable. Let me tell you, it is not worth it. Never waste your time thinking about what could have been or what you should have done differently. When you find yourself in less than perfect situations find the good in it.  There will always be someone or something to help you when you are in need of a little sunshine.

To my surprise I have enjoyed the past 9 weeks more than I thought was possible. I have no idea how long I will be out for, but to be completely honest, it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon.  The diagnosis is still kind of unknown for sure. When I know more I will update. For now, I just want to talk about the greatness of the past several weeks.

First off, Seth, has been running amazing, I truly wish I could be there to watch his races. With about a month left till State, I know he will surprise everyone with some epic times. Then there is Camrie, who is dedicating herself to this sport. She has dropped her times drastically since the start of track season. It is super exciting to hear about their races and workouts every week. Their positive attitudes are enough to make anyone smile. Then there is GCU. I was so glad I was able to travel to California with the team a few weeks ago.  Watching these kids race is so refreshing.

I have definitely found my happy place.  I truly love every aspect of this sport. Even when it hands me lemons. I may not be able to run, which I would love to do, but at least I get to be apart of so many other people’s journey.

photo 2 (7)




A quick little note for February

I Couldn’t go through February without posting something! Seth set a new PR and Camrie had her first experience racing indoors.

Both runners have trained very well throughout the winter.  I remember my time in Missouri and the weather was not optimal. I think I would pick Arizona’s heat over feet and feet of snow any day. However, Seth and new comer Camrie have been putting in their miles.  Rain, sleet, and snow could not and would not stop them. I have been overjoyed with their enthusiasm and commitment this past winter. All we can hope for now is a break from the winter weather in Missouri.

Since the beginning of January, Seth and Camrie have been competing in some of the Big River Running Company Indoor High school track races in Columbia Missouri. Seth and Andrew ran in this particular racing series last year. Since the weather has been pretty miserable, it can be hard to stay focus on training. Luckily, these races give both runners something to look forward to.

Camrie raced 2 times and set up a great starting point and building block for this upcoming outdoor track season. I think these races gave her some drive and motivation. She can not wait to race again, and I cant wait to see her growth.

Seth ran the Championship race last weekend.  He chose to race the 3200 indoors. He could have races bot the 3200 and 1600, but he wanted to focus on one event and see how fast he could go. He crossed the finish line in a time of 9:38!! I can not tell you how excited I am to see this time posted. Full results from the race can be found HERE. He has been working so hard, multitasking between, basketball and track practice. I love this, because we see him success but we do not see the private battles he faces everyday. Managing  school and multiple sports practices is very difficult. He is very dedicated and putting in the work. More success is to come. He will continue to put in his hard work and we will see his first out door race on March 31. This will also be Camrie’s first outdoor race as a freshman. Both of these athletes keep surprising me. Maybe this spring they will both walk away with all of their goals fulfilled!

A General’s Daughter

 I cannot believe I was blessed with such amazing and successful parents.  My mom is one of the best educators probably in the entire world, and my father is one of only a handful of people who reach the title of General for the United States Military. One reason I have never given up on my dreams is because my parents never let anything get into their way of their full potential. I am pretty sure this trait was instilled in me at birth. If you want something bad enough then you go after it. Too many of us find excuses when life becomes difficult. I know for a fact that both of my parents have been through more than one should have to handle in a lifetime.  No matter what cards were dealt, both of them took what they were handed and made the best out of every situation. This kind of mindset is exactly what is needed to become great!

I am overly thrilled at my father’s current success. I can proudly say that I am the daughter of a United State General. I am a General’s daughter!! So what does this mean to me? This past week I learned the definition.

I spent the past several days in Washington DC with my Dad to celebrate his recent promotion.  Unfortunately the middle of winter is not the best time for celebrations. His promotion ceremony was canceled due to a snow storm. However, weather was not going to stop us from celebrating my Dad’s achievement. Instead of having a formal ceremony we winged it with our own intimate “mock” ceremony.

My Dad let me pin his Star onto his jacket, and he read through the speech he would have read if the ceremony was not canceled. Based on this inspirational speech I learned more than I ever knew about my Father. As he spoke chills ran through me, because I knew I was his daughter. The words of wisdom he spoke resonated with me. It is amazing how we can be so far apart our entire lives yet have such a similar mindset.

I believe a General’s daughter is just like her father. A general’s daughter is determined and passionate just like her father. Both my sister and I have very different passion, but we both have never let difficulty interfere with our destination. As my Dad read through his speech he mentioned how he kept a journal of quotes. These quotes were there to help him get through the times when motivation was difficult to come by. I loved hearing him say this; because I have my own little “book” of quotes I turn to whenever life throws me lemons. It was such a great speech and I saw so much of myself in him.

I believe if he can become great and accomplish the so called impossible, then I can too. How many people earn the title of General? Not many! I am fortunate to have his blood running through my veins. If I work as hard as him, I know I can reach my dreams too!

Congratulations Dad!


My Dad, Nanette,and Me!


The United State Capitol


The White house, (from the front)


The white house (from the back)


Washington Monument

California Christmas!

I seriously can not believe Christmas let alone this year is pretty much over. When you are having fun, time truly flies. This year for Christmas, my husband, James and I did things a little bit differently. Since moving out to Arizona we have not been able to do too much together. He is either playing doctor, (since he is in his 3rd year of medical school) or studying and I am either working or running. Our two schedules have not been meshing very well. Which brings us to our California Christmas Vacation. We both were in dire need of spending time together, so what better way than being locked up in a car together for 4 straight days. It all started last Monday afternoon as we loaded up the Volkswagen Beetle and headed out west for California.

DSCF1759Our First Stop was San Diego. We arrived downtown late Monday night. That night we walked around the downtown area for a bit grabbed some dinner and hit the bed. We needed to rest up to prepare ourselves for a few days of adventure.

As soon as the sun came up we were out the door. We walked about 1.5 miles from hotel down towards the water.

These were the sites we saw on our walk.DSCF1749

Seaport Village was a real neat little tourist area.


The Palm trees here are much greater than in Arizona, I guess they get more rain or something.


James and Samson below!


This is the Coronado Bridge linking San Diego and Coronado Island together. We eventually drove across to the island. I was pretty terrified the entire drive across the bridge.


Below is the fancy hotel on Coronado Island. It was beautiful. There was even and ice skating ring right out front where you could go ice skating by the ocean. Kind of a weird activity to do near an ocean, but hey, it sounds fun!


More views of the Ocean! This photo is from our next stop over by La Jolla.


Samson and I at La Jolla. We saw so many Seals. I held on tight for this picture so Samson would not fall over to where the seals were.


A nice close up of the Seals.


We finally found a beach which allowed dogs to roam around. Samson was not a huge fan of the water. He would get real close and then run away from it as the waves came crashing on shore.


Christmas morning James and I grabbed some hot beverages and headed to a beach in Carlsbad, CA. (PS. I should be racing here this spring. I had to take a tour of this city to see where I will be running. There is always something running related.) We opened some present my mom sent us on the beach as well as a few other fun gifts. It was a bit unusual to be opening up presents on the beach. However, it was a great experience. I am not sure if I will do that again, I think I prefer opening presents under a Christmas tree. Who knows maybe one day we will live on the beach, that way I can still have the view of the ocean and a Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

DSCF1814After opening presents we beach hopped along the historic 101 route. I cant even tell you how many beaches we saw. Each one had its own unique vibe. I loved Newport and Laguna Beach the most.

DSCF1875 DSCF1872DSCF1849

We finished most nights along the ocean watching the sunset. On Christmas as we were absorbing the sunset we saw several dolphins. It was a natural version of Sea World. I tried to capture a photo of the dolphins but they were so fast my timing for the photos were off every time. But at least I have the memory of watching dolphins on Christmas night!






Samson and I hanging out in the sand!


Christmas dinner was at a fun little restaurant on Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. Our dinner was a mixture between seafood and Mexican food. Not ones traditional Christmas feast, but it was definitely tasty. Fresh fish from the ocean just outside the window can not be beat!



Finally our last day in California we went to Crystal Cove State Park/Beach. It was so incredible. There were no people along this ocean side. We had our own little private beach for about an hour the day after Christmas.

DSCF1921This was definitely not a traditional Christmas by any means, however it will be an unforgettable memory and I am so glad we were able to make this trip possible. It was what we both needed. Now we are back to our normal lives, and I miss the ocean very much! Although as long as my injury heals soon, I will be on track to head back to Carlsbad and the Ocean at the end of March to race!